Lost Boys: The Thirst


Lost Boys: The Thirst is the third and thankfully final installment in the Lost Boys trilogy. The original Lost Boys was released in 1987 and is often considered to be one of the best vampire movies ever made. Nothing that kind can be said about this installment. A fourth installment was planned with Cory Haim announcing that he was going to star in it. But due to Cory Haims untimely death in March of 2010 the project was canceled.

Before I continue I want to state for the record that I am a fan of Corey Feldman. I grew up watching his movies most noteworthy being The Lost Boys,Gremlins, two Friday the 13ths, Stand By Me and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. So I think it would be hard for me not be a Corey Feldman fan. My issue comes from that after Bordello of Blood his acting has kind of… well sucked. He’s a good actor but it feels like he just stopped trying.  Not that I could do better, I know I can’t. I just think that he can.

That being said I hate this movie. It’s simply terrible from beginning to end. I’m not going to talk about the plot much as its almost completely absent. Edgar Frog (played by Cory Feldman) is hired to kill vampires. He takes this job so he can pay the bank the money he owes before they take his trailer. That’s about it. Oh sure they try to throw a twist or two at you but these are so cliche that the film starts to teeter over into being self aware.

There are elements I liked in concept but seem to just fail in execution. It was nice to see Jamison Newlander return to reprise his role as Alan Frog. Bringing back an original actor is always a plus. But Feldman and Newlander lack the same chemistry that made them being brothers so believable. All of the characters feel shallow and poorly written. This is especially noticeable with the female characters. An other issue is the first Lost Boys film is a horror – comedy with a strong emphasis on the horror, while The Thirst is an action – horror – comedy. It try’s so hard at being so many things at once it all comes across as bland. If anything The Thirst puts its emphasis on it’s the action and comedy aspects. Leaving horror by the wayside so often that the film never gets even a little spooky.

But the main thing that The Thirst does that really gets under my skin is that it doesn’t adhere to its own mythos. During a early scene in comic shop on the shelves in the background a copy of Lost Boys – Reign of Frogs can be seen on the self. I would consider this a flub but during the opening scene Edgar and Allan Frog save a Congressman from a half vampire Senator. That comes from that very comic. Only in Reign of Frogs the story is revealed to be false while in the The Thirst that bullshit happened. That makes me think that the inclusion of Reign of Frogs in the scene is supposed to be a subtle nod. But a nod to what? I don’t know more importantly I don’t care.

I did enjoy the vampire effects. As they didn’t deviate from how vampires appeared in the first film it makes sense. It bugs me when a franchise changes the appearance of monsters between films. So it’s nice to see constancy when the look of the vampires is concerned. Another smart move on the part of the film makers was the use of the Lost Boys theme song “Cry Little Sister”. In that it almost isn’t used at all, in fact the first Lost Boys pimped it way more then The Thirst does. I only noticed it play twice the whole movie. Which happened to be during my two favorite scenes. The first is when the vampires leap from a plane to take flight through the clouds. This scene reminds me of the one from the original movie when the vampires drop from train tracks to fly through the fog. In reality these two scenes have very little in common but I still felt some kind there’s some kind of correlation. The other scene was the credits.

Had it not been for the films name being The Lost Boys chances are I wouldn’t have picked it off the self. Maybe I missed something from not seeing its predecessor Lost Boys: The Tribe the second in the trilogy. But from what I’ve been told I haven’t.  So The Lost Boys: The Thirst gets 4/10 because I’m a fan of Cory Feldman. If you want to watch The Lost Boys it’s best to just stick with the Original.


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  1. Excellent review! I would absolutely love to see these reviewing skills apllied to a movie such as “The Crow.”

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