A Short Look at: The Leprechaun Franchise

leprechaun movie image

Now if I’m a fan of anything I’m a fan of Slasher films. I love everything about them right down to their incredible level of predictability. The only reason they are notably absent from my blog thus far is I’m currently educating myself on their history and cultural impact. I plan to do in-depth features on them once I feel I can do the sub genre the respect I feel that it deserves. But in the spirit of the holiday I decided to give a short look at one of the longer running the Leprechaun series.

Leprechaun was released in 1993 as Trimark Pictures debut feature during the horror lull of the early 90s. Leprechaun stars Jennifer Aniston in her first feature role and introduces us to the leprechaun portrayed by Warwick Davis. Davis would go on to reprise his role in the films five sequels. Making Davis one of the few actors to continually portray the same slasher throughout the series run. This is set to change with Leprechaun: Origins set to release in August of this year. But come on even Fred England was replaced eventually. Davis portrayal for the pint sized maniac is so ingrained in me that Dylan Postl who’s set to replace Davis in a two film deal has some very large shoes to fill. Something I’m not to sure he will be able to do but I’ll reserve my judgement until after I’ve seen what he does with the role.

The Series follows the leprechaun who only wants his gold and is on constant murder spree in order to retrieve it. He is a wise cracking bad guy much in the same vein as Freddy Kruger from the Nightmare on Elm Street series. In the first film he kills a man with a Pogo stick so if you like slap stick villains and tongue in cheek style humor this is the slasher series for you. In the series 6 movie run the leprechaun goes from  North Dakota to LA to Vegas then to Space and then to the Hood not once but twice. So the little guy really gets around and the series only gets zanier as it goes on.

While not my favorite of the Slasher Anti Heroes this little guy is still near the top of my list. Maybe it’s because I’m Irish but more likely its due to having a weak spot for bad films and that’s what these are. But the blatant audacity and badness is what holds much of the series charm. Outside of Davis the acting in all 6 films is campy to just plain awful but Davis is always there with a smile on his face and murder in his heart. For me that’s more than enough to keep me thoroughly entertained and a fan of the series.


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