Zombie Hunter


Classified as an Action/Thriller and sometimes as an Action/Comedy/Sci-fi I bought it from the horror section of my local video store so I’m going count it. Even if Zombie Hunter didn’t have Danny Trejo starring in it I would of probably have picked it up anyway on the grounds that zombie movies are my bread and butter. Written and directed by Kevin King and is in fact his sole film credit according to IMDB. Zombie Hunter fell short of its needed budget for its special effects. So they turned to Kickstarter and raised 46254$ enough to complete the feature.

The film follows Hunter (Martin Copping) one year after the zombie apocalypse in the Utah desert. After gassing up at a gas station infested with zombies he gets shot while driving by an unknown assailant wrecking his car. He awakes in the care of a group of survivors led by Father Jesus (Danny Trejo) to learn he was shot by one of their members Lyle (Jake Suazo). Two of the members Debbie (Jade Regier) and Alison (Clare Niederpruem) both take a liking to him… for some reason. After gathering his strength he meets the rest of the group including Lyle whom he doesn’t and demands he takes him to his car the following morning. When he arrives to find the car undrivable after killing a hand full of zombies to retrieve a photo of his deceased family then returns to the group. Hunter sleeps with Alison while Lyle and Debbie start to go that same route until Lyle is killed and eaten. The compound is over run by zombies along with the mutated monsters they evolve into and the group is forced to flee. During the attack Father Jesus perishes while fighting the mutated zombie. Hunter now finds himself as the new team leader and is forced to take care of the rest the crew as they try to find a safe haven. Which is harder then it sounds as they are all terrible survivors and fall victim to a insane clown with a chainsaw. The films climax takes place a airplane hanger and in classic horror fashion nearly all perish.

Zombie Hunter is pure low brow humor complete with a stripper pole dance and repeated cliche lines like “I’m getting to old for this shit”.Hell they even throw in a chainsaw chase scene for good measure. In one word Zombie Hunter is entertaining, if not super campy. In fact the camp is the main selling point for this film. It even has smattering of blatant self promotion as in one scene the back wall has posters for Orcs! and Usombie hung prominently. Both films were made by Arrowstorm Entertainment. The film has decent gore throughout the whole film which I while over the top fit the feel of the movie as a whole. Which is odd as much of the film pauses to flash up pink freeze frames that function as a title card adding to the films semi-comic book feel.

The terrible CGI monster is more than a bit much and weakened the film as whole. The monster wasn’t even necessary and could have been easily replaced with any number of the films other threats for our protagonists.

The acting is so bad its bearable. The only actor that delivers an above water performance is Trejo.  He’s in the film for a short period so enjoy the momentary reprieve when hes on screen while you can. The rest of the cast acting is simply awful but hits that level that it becomes acceptable and even grossly entertaining.

So whats my final say on Zombie Hunter? Well at the end of the day it falls short of what ever meager goals it had. But like many low budget films you can tell the actors are having fun. This in turn makes the film oddly enjoyable and entertaining. The film  does succeed at producing a few moment of dread before the film manages to squash them. So as a horror film Zombie Hunter is a failure but as a vehicle for entertainment It manages to succeed due to a lot of charm and tongue in cheek humor. So I have to give Zombie Hunter a pass and would recommended to hard core zombie fans 7/10.


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