Lost Boys: The Tribe

Jovenes Ocultos 2 Vampiros del Surf POSTERIt’s time I think for me to review the second of film of the Lost Boys franchise. Now I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a fan of the third installment, in fact I down right dislike it. But hot damn do I love the shit out of the original.

The Lost Boys: The Tribe is a 2008 horror/comedy/thriller directed by P.J. Pesce and written by Hans Rodionoff. From what I’ve gathered is that The Tribe was originally conceived to be a movie about a tribe of surfing werewolves, but was rejected by studios due to similarities to the original Lost Boys film. So Rodionoff was persuaded by studios to alter his original script and change the werewolves to vampires and tie it in to the first film to make it into a sequel. I found myself conflicted on this news as it’s a bad way to conceive a sequel, but it also it made it not a werewolf movie. Corey Feldman along with Corey Haim and Jason Newlander are the only characters to reprise their roles. Unfortunately Haim and Newlanders roles are almost mere cameos, with Newlander being cut completely only remaining in alternate endings.

The film opens with a group of surfers lead by Shane Powers (Angus Sutherland) trespassing onto a private beach at night to surf. When the wealthy owner of the beach notices them and comes down and confronts them. He reveals himself to be a vampire, but the tables are quickly turned as the group of surfers reveal to be vampires as well and quickly dispatch him. The film cuts to Chris Emerson (Tad Hilgenbrink) and his little sister Nicole (Autumn Reeser) moving to their new home in Luna Bay.  Shane leaves his address at Edgar Frogs (Cory Feldman) trailer in hope that he might be able to get work.  Chris meets Shane later that night resulting in Christ being invited to his party. Chris and his sister attend the party in a gambit to avoid spending time with their aunt. Shane engineers a meeting with Nicole, While Shane is entranced by Lisa (Moneca Delain). While Shane is distracted, Shane tricks Nicole into drinking his blood. Chris and Nicole return home, where Nicole assaults Chris to be knocked out by Edgar Frog. After Chris put his sister in her bed Lisa knocks and is invited in so they could resume where they left off. Lisa starts getting rough, resulting in Chris pushing her off and staking her accidentally revealing she was a vampire. Chris seeks out Frog for his aid in dealing with his sister and the vampires. Frog reveals that Chris needs to kill the lead vampire before Nicole feeds to save her. After returning home Chris breaks the news to Nicole and she takes it fairly well.  Shane uses his powers to call Nicole to him while Chris and Frog makes a plan install Chris to befriend and betray the vampires. When Nicole reaches Shane at the vampire lair she succumbs to him. Chris moves forward with the plan and joins the vampires feeding on Shanes blood. Later however Chris refuses to feed with the group and kills one of them in defense. This leads Chris and Frog assaulting the vampire lair.

So some things I actually enjoyed about this film was the music. It was lively and fitting for the tone of the film. I enjoyed the updated version the theme of the original. But conversely, it did feel a bit out place at times subverting the film’s ability to create dread or tension.

The film sports some fun references to its predecessor. The set of antlers Nicole hangs that Chris uses to kill a vampire reminds of the originals ending. The sunglasses that Nicole wears reminds of the ones that Micheal wears. Coupled with the heavy use of mist when the vampires are up to their shenanigans.

But those are about the films only strengths. The films story is very generic as are all the characters. The only character that has any personality is Edgar Frogs. Which is a damn good thing since he’s the only character from the original that returns for a decent amount of screen time. Sure Corey Haim is in the end credits, but for a very limited amount of time and with no connection to the films story. All the actors use the same blank expression like they were bored to be there, again with only Feldmans character standing out, as he was both enjoyable and entertaining. Lastly is the vampires are just stupid with their constant stabbing each other and open reference to what they are around humans. They all come off as cookie cutter stereotypes and I feel nothing for these characters.

So what to give this film? Well its a equal to a film I love and takes the time to handle the mythos and tone of the original respectively. Well as well as it can given its creation origin. But it’s bland, lacks charm and the ability to hold my focus for long. So Lost Boys: The Tribe gets a generous 6/10. What really brought up the score for me was the films references to the original and the short Tom Savini cameo as the wealthy home owner.


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