Infected (2012)

Infected_FilmPosterInfected is an American Action/Horror/Sci-fi film written by Robert Rotondo Jr and Glenn Ciano, who is also this films director.  Infected was filmed on location in Foster, Rhode Island in 2010, but wasn’t premiered until 2012 at the Worcester’s Rock and Shock Convention. The Main reason I picked up this film was due to Infected sporting both Micheal Madison, who will always be Mr. Blonde to me and Christy Carlson Ramano, known for her voice work as Kim Possible. The film opens with Louis (Micheal Madison) narrating about how a blood virus has changed the world by making people into flesh hungry monsters and how said virus was transferred from animals to humans. They film then cuts you group of survivors fighting off a group of infected at a secluded hunting cabin. Louis quickly establishes himself as the group leader by plan of action. The film then cuts to twelve hours prior to the attack. Louis and his son Andrew (Tom DeNucci) are on an awkward weekend hunting trip at the same time as Dr. Ed Dennehey (William Forsythe) and his son Jeremy (Kevin DeCristofano) are one theirs.  The two groups meet at the site of the future siege and we are then quickly introduces the rest of the survivors, including the Dr.’s other son and Kelly (Christy Carlason Ramano). Kellys sick grandmother bites the Dr as he checks her vitals after hearing of her high fever. Dr. Dennehey shrugs off the bite as it seems to be inconsequential.  Over the radio we hear the start of a outbreak with people getting sick from exposure to infected animals, quickly followed by Andrew and another survivor witnessing a deer kill then consume a squirrel. Later that night Dr. Dennehey starts feeling symptoms of zombie infection from the bite wound on his hand. Kelly’s now fully infected grandmother escapes into the woods and is pursued by Kelly, Louis and Dr. Denmehey. Back at the cabin Jeremy falls prey to the grandmother, his absence is quickly noted by the remaining survivors. When Dr. Dennehey and the other return he becomes distraught over the news  and runs off in search of him, only to find his sons bloody remains. A short time later Louis is attacked while in a work shed by a infected. Then Angela (Jeanine Kane) Louis’s wife arrives and informs Louis of the illness and the attacks. Kellys grandmother returns and Kelly administers her aid, to be later attacked by her. The scene they shifts into the opening siege with Louis taking charge. After Angelas water beaks after a later attack, forcing the group to go seek out aid. Infected has an incredibly slow pace with little actually happening. The scenes stretch out for long periods of time filled with lots of poor dialogue. These scenes while building up the characters, often feels redundant. So much time is spent following the characters just hanging out. If it wasn’t for the final 15 minutes of the film and some cut away scenes, this film could be passed off as a family drama better than it could a horror film. The film has a very effective opening shot that establishes a great opening tone. It’s unfortunate that its so quickly squandered by the terrible slowdown that is this film. The film actually sports a few very well shots scenes that are visually appealing. But the time between them is most of the movie. The acting is actually above average for this level of production, as I’m assuming its a low budget due the film quality. With Micheal Madison and William Forsythe doing decent enough work. Admittedly its not the best I’ve seen from either man, but both did a better job than expected. I was sad to see how small of a part that Christy Ramano had as I was really looking forward to seeing her act. So final thought? For every good horror film, there are hundreds of bad ones. Infected is one of those films in every negative sense. I was not once in the whole film scared, concerned or felt the smallest sense of dread. The film sporting some major talent fails miserably to capitalize on it. But conversely, I did find the film entertaining and while at times it’s slow I never found myself bored, just not invested. So at the end of the day what does infected get? So while I will never recommend this film to others, I was entertained 2/10.


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