Trick ‘r Treat

Trick_r_treatTrick ‘r Treat is an American/Canadian horror anthology filmed in 2007, but wasn’t released until 2009 after two years of delays at the hands of Warner Brothers. There’s a couple of reasons my personal favorite was from the studios apprehension due the poor box office performance of Superman Returns. A film that was co-written by Micheal Dougherty. But no one seems to know the reasoning behind the delays for sure. Written and directed by Micheal Dougherty, Trick ‘r Treat is easily my favorite anthology film bar none. He does a simply impeccable job of weaving the stories together in such a way that they never feel forced into one another or become disjointed. It maintains a cohesive narrative, when all the stories are viewed together.

Trick ‘r Treat is five separate stories taking place on the same block at the same time. Each story is mostly independent, but characters from other stories will over lap appearing in the background or momentary within a scene. The stories cover a couple who blow out their jack o-lantern to early, a school principle with dark impulses, a group of girls who are looking for dates to a secret party and Sams. Sam is a small mischievous character who is often seen lurking in the background.

The acting in this film really sells it. With such actors and actresses as Anna Paquin, Dylan Baker,Brian Cox… I could just keep listing people here. The acting is solid straight through with no mention-able moments of sub par work. Each actor/actress seems to be working at the top of their ability really selling all the roles and making it so no one of the stands that far out. Of the three I mentioned, I feel Dylan Baker did the best in the end. Since he won the 2009 Fright Meter Award for Best Actor, I think quite a few others feel the same. Conversely Anna Paquins was more then acceptable was still average.

The film is well shot and realized, making me sad that it was never released to theatres. As I would of loved to see this film on the big screen. But as it was introduced to me by a close friend shortly before Halloween a couple of years ago, I’m happy with the trade off.

Another thing I was thrilled about was the special effects. While once in a while it is guilty of being a bit silly, this is never the fault of the effects themselves. The fault falls more on the elements that lend to Trick ‘r Treats dark humor. Speaking of which this film blends the two seamlessly, the comedy is very dark. So I would never call it a comedy, even with the films very laugh worthy scenes. As the humor often feels a little malicious. Trick ‘r Treat sports one of my favorite werewolf transformations. This shouldn’t be unsurprising as Tatopoulos Studios, the same studio that made the Lycans of the Underworld movies. While I’m not a fan of the Underworld franchises as a whole, I do enjoy the films special effects when it comes to the werewolves.

Now final thoughts? See it if you want to see a well realized horror anthology. I wish there were other horror anthology’s of this caliber I could con-pair it against other the Creepshow 1 and 2. So if you happen to enjoy those two films and have yet to see this one. Give it a watch as it’s more than worth the time. As much as I love this film I still don’t see it ever becoming a horror/cult classic. Although I do hope time proves me wrong in this regard, 9/10.


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