Prom Night (Slasher Video Review)

2013_01_06_-_001_PROM_NIGHT_PosterProm Night was released in the summer of 1981 by Avco Embassy Pictures. Wanted by Paramount the director Paul Lynch decided to go with Avco as they offered more screens. Paramount went with another independent Slasher Friday the 13th instead. Known for starring Jamie Lee Curtis in her second slasher role and third horror role, helping cement her as the quintessential scream queen. The film also boasts Leslie Nelson before he made the transition to being a full time comedic actor, for which is most well known today.

Prom Night is a Classic of the first cycle, but spawned some of the worst Slasher sequels.

This is the first in my monthly Slasher reviews. Where I cover the tropes within the film as well as the body counts.

I will start to host video here once I gain the resources to upgrade my account. Until then feel free to watch it here on youtube. If video reviews aren’t your forte don’t be distraught my normal reviews will continue with this style only absorbing the final entry each month.


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