The Frankenstein Theory

Frankenstein_Theory_Poster_1_18_13As I’ve been on a found footage kick the last few weeks, I decided to keep it going by watching The Frankenstein Theory. This was a terrible idea on my part and should have quit and switch genres while I was ahead. The Frankenstein Theory is an American Horror/Sci-Fi Film released in 2013. Written by Vlady Pildysh along with Andrew Weiner, who also directed and was also one of the film’s producers. Filmed in Los Angeles and Alaska, the desolate inhospitable landscape worked well for the film. Sadly that’s all that worked well.

The film follows a film crew that is making a documentary on the existence of the Frankenstein monster. Lead by Professor Jonathan Venkenhein (Kris Lemche), who claims that one of his ancestors was the bases for the fictional Victor Frankenstein and that the monster still lives to this day. He pays for a film crew to accompany him to Canada to locate the monster to prove his theory’s. Jonathans friend from college Vicky Stephens (Heather Stephens) directs and acts as a buffer to the crew consisting of Eric (Eric Zuckerman) the assistant producer, Brian (Brian Henderson) sound and Luke (Luke Geissbuhler) the camera man. After meeting up with their guide Karl (Timothy V. Murphy) in Canada, the team heads out to locate the creature. One their second night they find a century old Yurt and decided to stay there. That night they catch glimpses of a large man on camera and that night some destroys one of their snowmobiles and steals another. Leaving the group stranded out in the wilderness with the monster.

I was excited for this movie as I’m a fan of Frankenstein, from the original novel penned by Mary Shelley through the universal films all the way up to I, Frankenstein with Aaron Eckhart. This may be my issue, or it could be this is the worst found footage film I’ve seen to date.  I really enjoyed the premise of The Frankenstein Theory and I can see it working. However, switching the monster to an experiment in genetics in an era before genetics had been discovered, let alone not being anywhere near when the human genome was cracked makes the monster’s origin hard to swallow. This coupled with the monster being unsympathetic was the last straw. I have always seen Adam (Aka Frankensteins Monster) as a tragic character and he’s never portrayed that way here.

The found footage style doesn’t work well for this story as it’s presented. As the footage is found, it would have been edited together by an unrelated third party. This doesn’t come across that well as it maintains it focus as a documentary the whole time and would have benefited putting that to back burner and giving the actors more to work with. I only found one character interesting and that’s Karl mostly due to Timothy V. Murphy. He gets everything out of this role that he can, my one major issue is he leaves the group to purse the monster thinking that its just normal people who had destroyed their snowmobile. He as the lone guide and only person with survival knowledge this is a terrible decision as the survival of the group should have taken precedence.

Now on the topic of the snowmobiles two things bothered me immensely. First why did the monster steal one of them? It’s never brought up, never. Second no one leaves with Luke even though he has space for someone and he takes no gear such as a tent. Why? Karl should have given basic survival techniques at the very least. Seemingly no, Karl isn’t that kind of guide.

Final thoughts, it’s bad and never in a good way. Ok, one I do love Karls first line “I’m not an actor.” Why it amuses me so much I don’t know, but it really does. Other then Geissbuhler none of the actors do that good of a job often coming off as just annoying. All this plus the mismanagement of Adam (Frankensteins Monster) just left me both bored and uninterested. So The Frankenstein Theory gets a pitiful score of 1.5/10.


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