The Untold

The_Untold_FilmPosterThe Untold (aka Sasquatch and Inexplicable) is a 2002 independent action horror film written and Directed by Jonas Quastel. The film sports both Lance Henriksen of Aliens fame and Andrea Roth, who I instantly remember from Rescue Me. I didn’t enjoy this film for a number of reasons, but primarily for it stretching my suspension of disbelief too far.

After his daughters plan crash, president of Bio-Comp Industries Harlan Knowles (Lance Henriksen) hires a team lead by Winston Burg (Phil Granger) to find his daughter and recover a secret prototype that went down with her. The team also has includes Clayton Tyne (Russell Ferrier), Plazz (Jeremy Radick), Marla Lason (Andrea Roth) and Nikki Adams (Mary Mancini). The team becomes the hunted and are forced to survive  while attempt to find Knowles daughter and recover The Huxley Project. After using the Huxley the team learns that the creature hunting them is an ages old legend and on a rampage of revenge.

I’m not going to sugar coat it, this film is awful and almost devoid of enjoyment. It worse offense is that it’s simply not memorable and nothing stands out for it one way or another.  The actors all feel like they’re only there for the paycheck that comes with it. The only actor that I felt was enjoyable to watch in the whole production is Russell Ferrier and even his performance is lacking overall.

I even found the setting to be poorly handled. I enjoy my time in the forest and wilderness and bask in the inherent beauty there. This film feels like it was shot the same 100 sq foot area. The distance never feels so far that the characters are in any danger. Two-thirds of the expedition has NO survival skills and their packs feel more day pack then a long distance trip.

The Sasquatch is at least well done. While the appearance isn’t particularly fearsome, but it’s more than good enough to convey what the film makers most likely intended.  That is until Knowles battles the creature. While the fight is once sided Knowles that he survives mostly unharmed. But the same Sasquatch kills a bear with a rock earlier. But kill one old man even when armed with a tree?  The answer is a resounding no.

The characters all feel like they’re suppose to fit within the common horror set up. We have the hot blonde, the nerdy guy, the asshole, the brunette, ect. This is done so everyone who watches can relate to one of the characters, but for this to work the characters need to be memorable or at the very least entertaining. The characters in The Untold lack these attributes and spend most the time squawking at each other.

Final thoughts, this film was a disappointment from the first scene to the last scene. Devoid of interesting characters, an awkwardly low body count, one of the oddest uses of the killers gaze tropes and it monotonous. I was expecting more out of this film due to my love of the Alien series and so this film boasting Lance Henriksen in the top billed role, I got reasonably excited. I don’t know who I would recommend this film to. I wouldn’t ever recommend it as a creature feature and I have not idea how else to classify it. The Untold fumbles the twin qualities of a horror film making for an abysmal movie watching experience garnering it the rating of 3/10.


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