The Coed and the Zombie Stoner

coed-and-the-zombie-stonerSo yea… this is a movie, well it fits the qualifications I suppose. The Coed and the Zombie Stoner, written by Scotty Mullen and directed by Glen Miller is supposedly a Horror/Comedy, but mostly it’s just a travesty. I can see what the filmmakers were going for, trying to play with zombie tropes while weaving in a love story. The problem is that they do anything good with it. The story is simply boring and that zombies are calmed by weed, while amusing at first this gets stale quickly.

The story as I said is simple enough a beautiful, intelligent sorority girl Chrissy (Catherine Annette) who is working on her own makeup line under the guidance of her chemistry professor Dr. Avon (Louis Dezseran). Bambi (Jamie Noel) after being upset at her sisters party antics gives Chrissy twenty four hours to find a new boyfriend after stealing her ex. That night she meets Rigo (Grant O’Connell) a zombie who’s been living in the science departments since he became a zombie in the 1980’s while working with Dr. Avon. Dr. Avon reveals that Rigo’s blood lust and hunger for human flesh is curbed because he’s a stoner and the THC suppresses these impulses. Chrissy falls for Rigo and the two end up becoming the “it” couple on campus much to Bambi dismay. She hatches a plan to get Chrissy to cheat on Rigo, but her plans ultimately fail when Rigo unable to get stoned ends up biting Chrissy ex and starting a zombie apocalypse. The sudden onset forces Chrissy, Rigo, Dr. Avon and other survivors to battle the zombies while searching for a cure and causing Chrissy to learn a secret that causes her question her relationship with Rigo.

Like I said, this movie isn’t good, this doesn’t mean however that it isn’t enjoyable. If you want a good zombie romance I’d direct your attention of Warm Bodies. However The Coed and the Zombie Stoner does have a certain kind of B-Movie charm. You can tell that no one is bringing their A game here, well other than the cat. The film does throw off the sense that everyone had fun, which is far more important than many other aspects when I think of B-flicks that I enjoy. O’Connell’s performance was the worst, this may be more to do with his material over that of his abilities. So while the action is sub-par, the enthusiasm brought by the cast is enough to salvage it.

The effects ranged from just OK to outright laughable. But as a B-Film I can’t knock it too hard. It does a better job than some, worse than others. The main “effect” is nudity, lots of it. I once heard nudity as the cheapest special effect and this film takes full advantage of it with enough nudity to give Troma a run.

The weakest aspect is most definitely the script, which is full of stereotypes, lame jokes and sight gags. The script is almost crippling weak with barely a plot yet alone some kind of structured story. The characters are bland and disposable, it feels like you could swap characters around in scenes and it would barely make a difference.

Final thoughts, well it’s bad. But for me, its the good kind of bad. It felt like everyone had fun with what they were doing, which accounts for a lot. We can’t forget the target demographic for this film, stoners and as a stoner film, I enjoyed it. Any horror in this film is destroyed by the shallow characters, but the energetic, enthusiastic of the actors and semi-self awareness of the script coupled with the low brow humor makes it enjoyable none the less. So while thoroughly unfrightening it was not underwhelming, so The Coed and the Zombie Stoner gets a 4/10.


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