Bag of Bones

bob_poster_aeThis month I’m trying something a little different from the norm. I will be reviewing/discussing the adapted works of Stephen King, so naturally this means I will be discussing mini-series in addition to normal films. To start us off I chose to watch Bag of Bones, why did I choose this over is more well-known works such as  The Shining, It, Cujo, or even The Langoliers? Well because reasons… but don’t fret, I’ll be getting to those later this month. Out of the gate, I do have a complaint about this adaptation so this review will be more biased than normal, with that complaint being Pierce Brosnan, who I feel is the acting equivalent to a charismatic black-hole. That said let’s get this review underway.

After the death of his wife Jo (Annabeth Gish), writer Micheal Noonan (Pierce Brosnan) retreats away to his family cabin by Dark Score Lake in Maine, at the advice of his brother Sid (Matt Frewer). After his arrival, he starts to get messages from his wife, who asks him to help a local woman, Mattie Devore (Melissa George) and her daughter Kyra (Caitlin Carmichael). Mattie is in a legal battle with the grandfather in law Max Devore (William Schallert) over custody, since Kyra’s father was killed by Mattie while he attempted to drown Kyra. Micheal learns that the sleepy town has had an alarming number of murders of young girls, who were drowned by their fathers. Kyra is the most recent. As he delves deeper into the mystery he finds his own family’s connection with the town curse, including its shocking origins. But to save Kyra, Micheal will be forced to confront the curse and the specter that still haunts the town.

So before I really start to settle in on this film, I did enjoy it. As I enjoy all things Stephen King, I’ve even broken free of my television from time to time to read his novels. That said, I have not read Bag of Bones. But it’s on my list, as long as that list may be.

First and foremost, I did not enjoy the casting of Pierce Brosnan. As talented as an actor he may be, he just does nothing for me. He comes off as dry and monotone, with no single part of his performance standing out to me. He feels like he’s just meandering through the story aimlessly. Although he does a good enough job that the character isn’t unlikable or unsympathetic. I did get invested enough to care about the character and the story.

I loved the music used for Sara Tidwell (Anika Noni Rose). The soulful sounds of the jazz era created a lingering, haunting atmosphere. The secluded lake house was beautiful to look at and I simply loved the cameo role, Sid Noonan played by Matt Frewer. Damn do I love Matt Frewer and everything he touches, ever since I saw him in the Stand ages ago. He holds the lofty esteem of being on the few actors who’s career’s I actively follow.

Final thoughts, Like I said I like. Sure it suffers from the common Stephen King adaptation foibles. The pace is off because it’s trying to match the one set in the book (Or so I’ve been told), and many of the other cliches are also there. But it’s still Stephen King and I simply can’t help but enjoy it. So while it won’t win awards, it did intrigue me enough for me to decide to read the book. So getting people to read, I can always be behind that. Bag of Bones gets a respectable 6.5/10.


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