Cat’s Eye

Cats EyeCat’s Eye, I remember this film fondly from my childhood. Which isn’t odd for a change as Cat’s Eye is PG-13. Directed by Lewis Teaugue, who also directed Cujo and written by Stephen King. Cat’s Eye is a horror anthology with the first two stories from Night Shift and the last one being written just for this movie. Cat’s Eye features a number actors and actress that I deeply admire, primarily James Woods and Drew Barrymore.

Cat’s Eye as I said his a horror anthology connected by a wandering cat named General.

The first story Quitters Inc. in which long time smoker Dick Morrison (James Woods) joins the titular Quitters Inc. at the advice of a friend to help him quit his habit. In the office, Morrison meets the company man Vinnie Donatti (Alan King). Who quickly unnerves him and he tries to leave. But Donatti informs Morrison that he’s already joined the organization. He tells Morrison that he’s now under constant surveillance and if Morrison smokes again he will torture his wife. Upon a second infraction, his daughter will be tortured, the third Donatti will send a man to rape his wife and if he infracts a fourth time he will be killed. Donatti demonstrates his method of torture on the cat trapped in an electrified room. Morrison returns home and in the middle of the night goes down to have a smoke, but discovers he’s being watched by someone hiding in his home. He doesn’t break until rush hour traffic and is caught. Morrison rushes home, but finds his wife is already missing…

The second story is The Ledge. The cat having escaped Quitters Inc. is found by Cresser (Kenneth McMillian), a gangster type. Cresser has the man having an affair with his wife, Johnny Norris (Robert Hayes) and forces him into a wager. If Norris is able to circumvent the whole building via a thin ledge, Cresser will divorce his wife and give him cash if he refuses, Cresser will have him framed using drugs he’s had placed in his car. Norris agrees…

The final story is General. The cat having been searching, has finally found the little girl he was looking for, Amanda (Drew Barrymore). Amanda’s mother (Candy Clark) takes a dislike to the cat, fearing it will kill the pet bird and place the cat outside at night. But at night a troll that lives in the wall comes out to steal Amanda’s breath and General is the one who must save her.

I’m torn when it comes to this film. I enjoy it the last tale is very weak when compared to the others and it would have been nice to see it more fleshed out. My favorite story is actually The Ledge, as both Hayes and McMillian deliver fantastic performances.  Woods and King also do great jobs in their story, but it feels very far-fetched and I have a hard time suspending my disbelief for it.

As far as horror anthologies go, this one is a little weak. When I’m in the mood for a King anthology my standard fare is Creepshow, Cat’s Eye being a distant second. A point that I do really like is all of the King references spread through the film, Cujo chases the cat, we see the car Christine, James Woods is watching The Dead Zone, plus quite a few more.

Final thoughts, I’ve actually said all I have to say about this film. If it wasn’t for the far-fetched beginning and the weak ending I would hold this film in much higher regards. But this film absolutely reeks of nostalgia for me. So Cat’s Eye still makes a solid grade on that fact alone ranking it in at a 7/10.


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