Blood of 1000 Virgins

BLOOD-OF-1000-VIRGINS-666x1024I’m not quite sure how to review let alone talk about this… movie? Blood of a 1000 Virgins was released in 2013 under Full Moon Entertainment, is simply a collection of trailers from exploitation and grind-house films from the early 1970’s , hosted by knock-out Nikki Leigh.

So as this “film” lacks any real meat and substance, it doesn’t really lack for entertainment. Labeled a documentary someplace and a fake documentary others. I disagree with both, as that would require research and a point that’s trying to be made. Blood of a 1000 Virgins is broken down into four segments, trailers about female virgins, trailers about male virgins, trailers about virgins and the devil/demons/ghosts, and trailers about virgin rape-revenge films. Nikki Leigh gives a brief introduction into each.

Out of all the trailers quite a few caught my eye, sadly a number of them aren’t horror films. But more than a handful were, so here’s a quick sample of films to look forward to me talking about in the future.

Goliathon aka The Might Peking Man – A Japanese rip-off of King Kong to cash in on the 1973 remake.

The Dead are Alive – A ghost is freed from an ancient tomb and goes about killing virgins.

Andy Warhol’s Dracula aka Blood for Dracula – Dracula as told by Andy Warhol.

Axe aka The Virgin Slaughter  -A virgin seduces and kills men.

Exoperad aka The Depraved aka Diary of a Rape – not technically a horror film, but seemed interesting. I may or may not watch this one as it seems to fall into my least favorite sub-genre, the rape revenge film.

Final thoughts, I wish there was more to talk about here but there really isn’t. While The Blood of 1000 Virgins lacks a story line or characters, it still does manage to be entertaining. If you love the classic announcer voice of old school trailers then this film is for you. I would also recommend to people who want to get into the older exploitation films, but don’t know where to start. On the sole grounds of being entertaining and introducing me to a large number of films I doubt I would have ever heard about otherwise. So I give Blood of 1000 Virgins a meager 4/10.


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