Jeepers Creepers 2

jeepers_creepers_twoSince I talk about the first one, I figured I should also talk about its number sequel. I have mixed feeling about this film upon re-watching. It’s not that Jeepers Creepers 2 has aged poorly. It’s that I question what about it made me like more than the original until now. The more I look back on Jeepers Creepers, I marvel at how well it’s stood up . Jeepers Creepers 2 just suffers from very bland storytelling.

Jeepers Creepers 2 picks up brilliantly three days after the events of the first film with the Creeper snatching Jack Taggart Sr.’s (Ray Wise) youngest son Billy (Shaun Fleming) from his farm. This causes Jack and his oldest son Jack Jr. (Luke Edwards) to hunt the Creeper for revenge. The next day, which happens to be the last day before the Creeper goes back to sleep/hibernation a high school football team and cheerleaders are coming back from winning the state championship. The kids have three adult chaperons Coach Charlie Hanna (Thom Gossom Jr.), Coach Dwayne Barns (Tom Tarantini) and bus driver Betty Norman (Diane Delano) who all meet a bloody end at the hands of the Creeper after he blows out the tires on the bus. The Creeper then jams the doors and picks out who it wants to eat. The kids manage to reach Jack via radio and he tells them to stay put and he’s coming. But can the kids manage to hold of the Creeper until he arrives?

So first off I noticed that Jeepers Creepers 2 is trying way too hard to be a slasher. A group of young kids on a deserted road on the way back from a game become stranded. Then a strange killer starts stalking and killing them one at a time. Sounds like a slasher, but the kills are far too clean and as the Creeper is decidedly none human. So it’s harder for me to find him scary. The adults and police are useless tropes are a corner-stone to this film. Well other than Jack Taggert Sr. he has his shit together.

The Creeper was far less frightening, party due to how much he’s shown and how silly he acts at times. He feels like a poor parody of Kruger at multiple places in the film. Coupled with the amount of abuse it takes feels a lot like Vorhees. I would have preferred they take the Creeper somewhere new over rehashing other horror villains. Another is he flies way too much. The film-makers really took that big reveal from the first film and really run with it.

Last thing is I wanna talk about is Jack Taggart Sr., who is easily my favorite character in the film. My favorite thing he makes a post driver in a harpoon to hunt the Creeper, in a day. Yea, his son is grabbed on the 22nd day and the kids are attacked on the 23rd day. The entirety of the film takes place in just over a 24 hour time span. Oh, and he mounts that shit in his truck too. Man works fast.

Final thoughts, not as good as its predecessor in my opinion. I was upset that I never saw BEATNGU in this film at all. As the chase scenes in the first film were some of my favorites. I really like how they got Justin Long to come back and reprise his character. Jeepers Creepers 2 is very well made, has many good moments and ideas. They just never really come to fruition all that well. Not as good, but still entertaining and worth the watch if you want to see where the story goes after the events of the first film. 6/10


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  1. I agree with you that the creeper is not as scary in this movie as he was the original. Honestly, he was the scariest in the opening scene(s) of the first one where they see him dumping the body down the pipe. I wish he would have stayed more mysterious in appearance because he does look rather silly… but overall it was an enjoyable movie still!

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