790357906635For me Troma comes in two distinct varities. The fist is you’re Return to Nuke’em High’s and Poltrygiest’s, films that have some much charm and made with enough care that they become deeply entertaining. The other is the camp that film inhabits, where camp can’t save the day, a film that while it’s trying so hard to be funny or to squeeze out enjoyment that it misses to many opportunities.

Ok, in Decampited a group of “teenagers” go to a travel agent (Wayne Larsen) to get a package for a camping trip. The agent informs them that one doesn’t book packages for camping, that “you just go.”. So Vince (Jonathan Scott), April (Cristina patterson), Garrett (Mike Hart), Toby (Steve Ladden), Candace (Amy Gordon), Roger (Thomas Martwick), and Paige (Bethany La Voo) do just that, after getting the location of a good place do so from the travel agent. On their way to the cabin that they were told about when Garrett falls asleep behind the wheel crashing the car. The group then decide to make for the cabin, but get tired and decide to stop for the night, while Vince decides to push on ahead. Vince finds the the home of transvestite Jake(Ryan Lowery), who… takes him in. Which for him turns out fortunate as a masked killer descends upon the campers inflicting all levels of bodily harm. The group flees the killer, getting separated and attacked in a slasher film-esq fashion.

My main thought is that this film feels like a Slasher film that just didn’t have the balls to go there. Characters are ruthlessly attacked with one more notable moment when Paige gets her arms completely cut off at the shoulder. Her solution sew it back on, the repercussions for impromptu field surgery with no skill? None. Every character does something like this. Machete to the gut? Leave it in. Slit Throat? Duct tape. The list goes on and on. Oh the characters do have die, but not from the killers hand…. mostly. It’s due to issues like this that I just can’t call this film a slasher, at best I’ll call it a black comedy.

The acting as stated is campy as all get out. Now I love me some camp acting and I used to say the more the better. Well I’ve been show the error in that way of thinking. Camp is great when it thickly coats the cake that that rest of the film is, not when it’s the whole damn cake. All the actors while having fun and before I just throw them all up on blast. Their performances are entertaining in their own way, that said. Hot damn is all the acting bad. I know this is a low budget film, but… can I get a couple of shots that aren’t completely over the top?

Final thoughts, it’s bad. Like real bad. But not so bad that I simply walked away. Which has happened on rare occasion. The acting is bad, but manages to be enjoyable. The gags are over played being either dragged on to long or just being silly prop gags. The core cast are all a bunch of imbeciles that are almost impossible to relate to. So while not a good so bad its good film, it’s still OK. But just barely. The films main saving grace is the enjoyment of the actors and the love that must of been there for this to happen. I just can’t hate a film with so much heart it shows every time the actors deliver their down right terrible dialogue.  So Decampitated might be among the worst Troma films I’ve seen, it’s not a film I regret watching 5/10/


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