Blood Oath

bloodoath042011So, I decided that all this month is going to be Troma films. Because… reasons. My only issue with this was my relatively small collection of Troma films. But due to Lloyd Kaufman and the other folks at Troma HQ being completely awesome, as they have placed a large number of their films on youtube free to watch. I could high-five those guys all day for this. So like a kid in a candy store I panicked and didn’t do my research before viewing Blood Oath. Because of this Blood Oath gets the distinction of being the first Slasher to not get a video review. Even though it deserves it far more the Dead Mary.

Blood Oath opens with a couple parking in the woods to have some alone time away from their crazy ex’s. But one forgets to turn of this cell phone so the couple intimate moment away is interrupted by his ex. While talking to her outside the car, much do his dates chagrin, he gets murdered and she quickly follows suit. We then cut to the films protagonists Lisa (Natalie Hart), her boyfriend Kevin (Jamie Reynolds), along with their friends Charlie (Roger Horn) and Beverly (Katie Vaughan), who also happen to be the ex’s of the opening scenes victims. Around the fire the group starts sharing ghost stories with Kevins being about a local legend around the Krump family. The story concluded with Mr. and Mrs. Krump dead and their twin babies being split up. One being adopted while the other who is scarred in the accident that kills their parents is raised by a witch (for lack of a better term). Lisa suggests they look for the cabin that the scared twin is still rumored to live and that if anyone finds the cabin is never heard from again. So this being a Slasher the group goes looking for it the next day and as the sun sets they find the cabin…

First, I really like how this film at least tries to reference films outside of Friday the 13th, Halloween and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, with one of the stories that’s told being basically the ending to the 1981 Slasher Classic Happy Birthday to Me. But other than that single reference Blood Oath sticks pretty close to the Small Reference Pool trope, as the killer Amanda is basically a poor mans Leatherface with just a dash of Buffalo Bill.

I also enjoy that this film sticks to being a slasher. During the initial set up I was afraid with would have the same wacky tone as Decampited. Thankfully it does not and actually tries to be a full on horror film. Slashers are famously easy to make as they can be done with next to no budget. But it’s not the low-budget that hampers the film, it’s that it feels very amateur. Not that this is bad, as all film makers and actors have to start somewhere. Often that somewhere produces some of my favorite movies.

The main fault with this film isn’t the acting, which at times can be quite bad. The fault lies in the very poorly written script as little actually happens. The film has intense Slasher fulled moments before dropping off into twenty plus minutes of blatant padding. Had the films script had a handful more revisions this film could have been better.

Final thoughts, did I love like? Sure. Did I love Blood Oath? Maybe. Past the amateur camera work and the actors who come off as unprepared, Blood Oath delivers everything I wan’t in a Slasher. Past crime? Check. Teens/Young adults in the woods? Check. Masked killer on the loose? Besides not actually having a mask, yes. The final girl even fits the bill far better than most of the final girls I’ve talked about in my Slasher Series. So for being a better slasher than most people seem to give it credit for, Blood Oath gets a respectable 7.5/10.


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