Psycho Sleepover

MV5BNTg1OTk0ODAyNV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjkzMTgwOA@@._V1_SX640_SY720_Unlike other films I’ve been reviewing, I am not in any way conflicted about this film. Psycho Sleepover is flawed, campy and often in poor taste. So naturally I loved it. It’s well known I like movie done on a small budget and Psycho Sleepover meets that requirement proudly with an estimated two thousand dollar budget. Thus shattering the record held by The Battery at six thousand. While not the masterpiece that I feel The Battery is, Psycho Sleepover is still an entertaining and functional movie and when you stop to think that it was made on mere two thousand bucks, you can see how that’s quite the accomplishment.

Psycho Sleepover opens with fifteen year old Debbie Dicky (Rachel Castillo) is spending an evening with her boyfriend. Debbie reluctant to move forward with relationship beyond Eskimo kisses, while her boyfriend feels their relationship should be more in the BJ area. After arguing Debbie leaves the room and when she returns her boyfriend is missing and Debbie is attacked by an ax wielding clown. The psycho clown attacks Debbie, while claiming to have already killed her boyfriend. Debbie flees with the clown giving chase, eventually Debbie gets the upper hand by stabbing the clown in the dick. She then discovers that the clown is actually her boyfriend in disguise, dressed up with the intentions to killer from not giving him a Blow Jo. A year later, Debbie now sixteen has moved to a new town with her mother. Debbie has a hard time fitting in due to killing her boyfriend and her father, who apparently was also a psycho killer. Debbie is invited by the popular girls, Ginny (Emilia Richeson), Sally (Ariel Teal Toombs), and Ugly Jen (Frankie Frain). At first reluctant Debbie decides to go after being creeped on by her therapist Thomas Algernon (Thomas Adrian Villalobos). At the sleepover the girls talk Debbie into calling Thomas, giving him a false address. Thomas relays this information to the inmates at the hospital he works before leaving for the night. Soon after Thomas leaves the inmates escape running amok around town and heading straight for the sleepover. At the sleep over the girls boyfriends arrive and soon after the psychos do as well. But Debbie’s real threat isn’t the psychos outside, but the psychos inside…

For me to consider something a good movie, it needs only one thing and it’s not the production value. good acting or even a well written script. Sure those things are great to have, but the most important thing for me is it needs to be fun. If I’m not enjoying myself, then there’s no reason to watch it. Even films that leave me with a hollowed out feeling inside like There Will Be Blood or We Are What We Are, I had a good time watching. That’s exactly what Psycho Sleepover is, fun. They managed to be cheesy enough to be funny, but not so cheesy that the film becomes painful to watch.

As I mentioned, acting isn’t the highest requirement, that said the acting in this film is a bit on bland side. But with only two grand to work, great actors aren’t where that money is going. In fact, with such a small budget, I feel this film is more about the enjoyment of making the movie, over the thought of monetary gain.

My favorite part of the film is actually Lloyd Kaufman’s cameo as the new anchorman. I laughed so hard during his ten seconds of air time then the rest of the film as he addressed the exact question I was asking. While not an in-house Toma production, but distributed by them. Kaufman’s constant support of indie filmmakers makes everything he touches just a little more special to me.

Final thoughts, while I like it, I can’t really recommend it. Unless you like your horror cheap, corny and indie there are a vast number of better films about psychos on the loose. It’s what the entire Slasher sub-genre is based on, so if what I’ve mentioned before doesn’t sound interesting, chances are you just won’t enjoy it. Since my final score is arbitrary and not really based on anything other than what I feel at the moment of writing the review I give Psycho Sleepover an 8/10 on the merit of simply getting the film made, and for that I say thank you.


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