Horns-Movie-Poster-All-Seeing-EyeHorns… well it’s a movie? It’s not that I have mixed feelings about Horns, it’s that I just don’t have any. I don’t know what I was thinking going into this movie, but it wasn’t this. Horns just feels incredibly shallow, like I could wade through it and not get my pants wet. It’s not that Horns is a bad film, it does a good job of telling a story. It’s just that Horns is a bland film.

Ignatius “Ig” Perish (Daniel Radcliffe) is suspected of raping and killing his long time girlfriend Merrin (Juno Temple) after a recent break up. No one believes Ig’s innocence other than his brother Terry (Joe Anderson) and long time friend Lee (Max Minghella). After spending the night at his childhood friend Glenna after drunkenly urinating over a candle vigil for his murder girlfriend, Ig wakes up growing a set of horns. Ig learns his horns cause people to profess their dark desires and ask for permission to commit them and sets out to uncover what really happened Merrin.

That’s the overall plot, the rest of the film is flashbacks or character moments with characters you never see again. A great example is when Ig uses his horns on his parents and learn they kind of loath him. His father even admits he believes that Ig is guilty and has evidence destroyed out of fear it would incriminate him. It’s one of the best scenes in the movie and with James Remar as Ig’s father just killing it. But we never see them again after that. The film just starts a things and then leaves them unresolved.

The flashbacks… I hate them. They kill the momentum every single time. All of it relates to Ig’s childhood, his falling in love with Merrin as children and just moments of them. Horns tries so hard to force their love as pure and perfect that it actually makes me hate Merrin. But the real issue I have is they go over the same stuff over and over with them. Repeating ad nauseum, just to make sure you don’t miss anything important.

Let’s talk about Merrin, pure, sweet, innocent Merrin. So, my issue is the concept of loving someone so much that you lie and hurt them, to save them. This might be a me thing, but if you love someone so much that out of all the options you choose the one that hurts them, is it love? Cancer is an emotional issue, so I’m not going to argue against the character and her actions as she felt that they were the best ones she had. But what kind of cancer was it? What was the survival rate? What were he treatment options? What stage? None of these questions, even get brought up. So did she even know? It would have been a better film to have had those answer over most of the childhood flashbacks.

Final thoughts, that’s it. I honestly can’t think of anything more really to say. The acting ranges from great to bland, but I do have to say the film was well shot and realized. Maybe it’s not a masterpiece, but it is entertaining. Horns gets an average score of 5/10.


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