Trouble Every Day

600full-trouble-every-day-posterI found this film very underwhelming. I had heard that Trouble Every Day was a must see and a great, if slightly obscure horror flick. But I just couldn’t get into it and I tried, oh goodness did I try. I want to believe that my issues with it are due to language/cultural barriers, but honestly it just wasn’t that good.

Trouble Every Day is chaotic and hazy when it comes to a cohesive plot or getting the information you need to make sense of what you’re seeing, so here’s my best shot at a plot synopsis. Newly wed couple Shane (Vincent Gallo) and Julie Brown (Tricia Vessey) are on their honeymoon in Paris. Shane is ill, often seen taking medication. The couple has a few intimate moments, along with a few problems. Meanwhile Leo (Alex Descas), a doctor has locked his wife Core (Beatrice Dalle) who he keeps locked up as she has a habit of going out and sleeping with random men. Then killing them, consuming their flesh and reveling in every moment of it. Leo hides the bodies and generally seems to be taking care of her. We learn that Core is sick, something that prompted Leo leave his other job. Shane makes rounds around Paris looking for Leo and eventually finds his home. Shane breaks in while Leo isn’t home. After a brief conversation with Core he kills her and returns to the hotel. Where he seduces the maid who he kills in the same manner that Core kills her victims…

First off, Trouble Every Day is a great visual experience. Which is great as the dialogue in this film is scant. Trouble Every Day has great cinematography with death scenes standing out as both brutal and beautiful. Trouble Every Day feels like a film that choose to forgo the standard sexy movie to go for a film that feels much more honest.

But that’s about all the good things I have to say. As the plot is a mess and not just a normal mess, more like a hot mess in a very tiny bucket. Trouble Every Day is jarring with scene transition and has maybe the worst pacing I’ve ever seen. It’s so bad that I started to wonder if the film wasn’t being told in chronological order. It is.

I enjoyed the acting when the film would allow and most the actors do a passable job. Except for Vincent Gallo, who gets a lot of praise for this role. I found him flat, unlikable and drier than a desert highway. I had a hard time getting into the movie for this reason. I kept asking myself why Julie was with him, as he gives off a creeper vibe for large swaths of the film.

Final thoughts, Trouble Every Day tries hard. But I just can’t, maybe I’m missing something. Maybe I’m not. I could tell hard work went into this film, but it comes off as sloppy. With the cinematography and the musical score being the films saving graces. I get the sense that Trouble Every Day really wanted to be a vampire film that focuses on the intense sexuality. Which is something that it does great right, but it’s still far too flawed 3/10.


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