Terror Tunes

5157EFZ0+YLWell, turns out this is a movie. Terror Toons was suggested by a friend of mine, who referred to it as No-Budget horror, something that immediately caught my interest. Given that Terror Toons estimated budget was two-thousand three-hundred dollars, I would actually agree with that statement. Terror Toons feels a lot like Psycho Sleepover, which given that both films were shot for about the same price, it’s no surprise.

Terror Toons starts with Doctor Carnage (Matt Falletta) killing a man by disemboweling him, then tearing his skull out through his stomach. This takes place in some strange “cartoon” dimension. While in our dimension Cindy (Beverly Lynne) and her friend Amy (Kerry Liu) are left home babysitting Cindy’s sister, Candy (Lizzy Borden) by her mother (Shimmy Maxx) and father (Gil Chase). After he parents leave Cindy calls her friends Rick (Brandon Ellison) and Eddie (Fernando Padilla) come over with beer. While Cindy and her friends play a game of strip Ouija, while Candy watches a Terror Toons dvd that was in the mail. The DVD shows Doctor Carnage transform a lab monkey into his psychopathic henchman Max Assassin (Scott Barrows). Carnage and Max escape/are released from the DVD and kill Candy by tearing out her spine. When Cindy checks on the muffled screams, Carnage tricks her into believing everything is OK by using Candy like a ventriloquist doll. Thinking everything is fine Cindy returns to her friends after letting Candy’s friend Tommy in to see her. But unlike Cindy isn’t fooled by the Candy puppet. But Carnage kills him before he can warn anyone. Carnage then turns his attention to the Pizza delivery man, killing him with a giant pizza cutter. Carnage and Max then turn their sights on Cindy and her remaining friends…

Terror Toons teeters on the edge of being a Slasher for me. Though it doesn’t quite make the cut. While I could argue a case, the fact that Carnage is a creation of the devil with the goal of corrupting youth causes me to fall the other way. Carnage and Max have nothing in the way of motivation other than murder for murders sake. While yes the kills are inventive and numerous with a body count of nine, ten if you want to argue semantics. The morality tale of the slasher is lost here due to the lack of inciting incident and Candy (an innocent character as far as I can tell and is suppose to be a child… I think) is one of the first victims.

The acting is great, for the budget. Let’s face it, two grand is a very small sum of money in the scheme of things and I have a feeling a large part of the was allocated to Doctor Carnage and Max Assassins costumes. The bad costumes, cheap special effects, poor acting and awful writing hinder this film little. Actually, it might just be the films saving grace, So bad that it managed to swing all the way around. Not too good mind you, just too entertaining in a guilty pleasure kind of way.

Final thoughts, in parts Terror Toons is insanely weak. But as a cohesive whole I think the film came off far better than could have been hoped. The characters are badly written, however they’re also like-able with a childish charm. Charm, that’s most defiantly something Terror Toons has in spades. So if you’re in the mood for a film with a film with a slasher bend, but want a film that doesn’t take itself too serious, I would heavily suggest Terror Toons. 7/10


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