Zombeavers-PosterScott Foundas said “Zombeavers is not a total wash, and seen at night, under the right combination of low expectations and controlled substances, it may even seem better than it really is” and I can confirm this, as I rarely watch films in any other state. Sorry to those of you who may of thought I was a serious reviewer. I have seen comparisons between Zombeavers, Evil Dead and Cabin in the Woods. Other than taking place in cabins, I have to disagree.

Zombies opens with two men hauling Bio-hazardious waste hit a deer. The pair loses one of the containers into a nearby stream, where it floats down stream to a beaver dam where it springs a leak. Mary (Rachel Melvin), Zoe (Cortney Palm) and Jenn (Lexi Atkins) arrive at a Marys cousin’s cabin for a girls weekend, following Jenn’s break up with her boyfriend Sam (Hutch Dano). After swimming in the lake, the girls inspect a nearby beaver damn and meet local hunter Smyth (Rex Linn). After they exchange pleasantries the girls leave and head back to the cabin. That night the girls boyfriends, Tommy (Jake Weary), Buck (Peter Gilroy) and Sam. Jenn is attacked in the bathroom by one of the titular Zombeavers. After escaping and bringing back others, Tommy “kills” the beaver with a baseball bat. The next morning the beavers corpse is missing, but the group figures that it was taken by a wild animal. While swimming at the lake the beavers attack in force, biting off Tommy’s foot and killing Zoe’s dog. The group flees to the cabin, only to learn that the Zombeavers have chewed through the phone lines and have surrounded the cabin…

I really enjoyed the premise as I’m a bit of a zombie buff and the creature effects were actually pretty good. You know, considering it’s classification as Micro-Budget film with its two-million dollar budget. Not much for the amount of creatures, make-up effects and general shooting costs. My favorite scene is one where Jenn is attacked by the beaver that was beaten in half with the bat in the kitchen. It’s Great.

The acting on the other hand is a little weak. In fact, I only found myself enjoying the acting of very few of the actors involved, the number being two. Of the two I did like the most memorable is Rex Linn as Smyth, who comes off absolutely hilarious and full of fun facts. The second is Cortney Palm as Zoe, the bad-ass mean girl. I like that she more or less makes it through the film, while not really conforming to standard final girl trope.

Final thoughts, I liked it. I just don’t see myself re-watching it on my accord. I think this film worked better as a horror film, as the jokes often miss their mark. You can only hear so many beaver jokes before they wear thin. So the comedy is considerably lacking, that said it was worth the single watching and suggest it to anyone who wants an interesting all be it forgetful zombie flick. Just make sure you have a 6-pack ready when you do. 5/10


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