It Follows

It-Follows-posterIt Follows is a great example of how good writing and direction (David Robert Mitchell) can really make a simple idea, really work. I watched It Follows, well just for something to talk about today and It Follows impressed me. Well not just me, as I had the pleasure of viewing this film with a friend, who all so liked this film.

It Follows opens with a girl, running from something we can’t see, call her father to say goodbye. Her mangled corpse if found the following morning. The rest of the film follows College student Jay Height (Maika Monroe). After she sleeps with her new boyfriend Hugh (Jake Weary), he knocks her out with chloroform. When she awakens, she finds herself tied to a chair. When Hugh notices she’s woken he explains that she’s now cursed. He explains that she will now be followed by a creature that can take many shapes, but can only be seen by those that have been cursed, that it will follow her at a walking speed. Should it ever catch her it will kill her and go after who cursed her. A bloody woman emerges from the nearby woods heading slowly, but directly at her. Hugh then quickly takes Jay home, leaving her naked and tied up in the street. The next day at school Jay notices an elderly woman in a hospital gown slowly walking right at her across the quad, unnoticed by those around her. She flees to her sister Kelly (Lili Sepe), and her very understanding friends Yara (Olivia Luccardi), Paul (Keir Gilchrist) who has a blatant crush on Jay. That night Jay hears the kitchen window break and when she investigates, she finds a bloody woman, but no one else can see her. Jay flees upstairs, but the creature follows, this time in the form of a tall man with gouged out eyes. Jay climbs out a window to escape and rides to a playground, where her friends find her. After finding a picture of Hugh in his abandoned house, Jay and her friends manage to track him down and he tells them again. Jay needs to pass the curse on to someone else, because the creature never stops coming right for you…

Like I said, simple. Monster follows people who have sex and murders them, brutally. What I like is that the film touches on that even if you pass on the curse, you’re still not safe. As if those cursed after you get killed by this creature, it will come after you again.

Maika Monroe does an outstanding job with her role. I’m honestly not sure if it would have been as good without her. She comes off as both vulnerable, but also as brave. As she repeatedly faces the creature and even with the help of her friends try to kill it.

Final thoughts, the music and pacing really set a great tone. It pairs wonderfully with the slow, but persistent monster that stalks Jay. While some of the acting is a bit muddled and Jay’s friends are to understanding from the beginning. Like, before they knew she wasn’t crazy. They just trusted her implicitly with no need for proof. “Oh, you’re being stalked by a supernatural creature because you had sex. Sound legit.” While not the actual wording, it’s in essence what I got from it. I do really enjoy how the film could be an allegory for STD’s, which allows the film to work on multiple levels. So, I’m going to give It Follows a….. 8/10.


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