Troll 3

the-crawlers-movie-poster-1993-1020210785Troll 3, aka The Crawlers, aka Contamination .7., aka Troll III: Contamination Point 7, aka Creepers is an American Horror film directed by Joe D’Amato under the pseudonym David Hill released in 1993 straight to video. Much like Troll 2, Troll 3 has an utter and complete lack of Trolls and like Troll 2, Troll 3 has no connection to any of the previous films. if I had to rate the Troll films against one another I would say the order would go as such, Troll, Troll 3, and last Troll 2. Luckily D’Amato succeeded where Claudio Fragasso failed. As unlike Troll 2, Troll 3 isn’t completely boring.

Troll 3 opens on a bus and we are quickly introduced to the films heroine Josie (Mary Sellers), who is returning home via bus after living in the “big city” for an undisclosed number of years. She meets another woman, Susan (Chelsi Stahr), who is traveling to Seattle see her boyfriend. When the bus stops momentarily at a gas station Susan gets accidentally left behind. Josie returns home, never informing the bus driver that he left Susan behind even though the bus isn’t full, they were just talking and Josie saw her get off to use the bathroom, where she is reunited with her family. We then get introduced to Dr. Taylor (Bubba Reeves), who works for a nuclear power plant. After taking reading of radiation outside the plant he starts digging, uncovering that the plant manager has been skimming money for the disposal fund and having the waste buried in the woods. Susan who has befriended the best character in the film Jack (Eddy Eby), the old man who runs the gas station, She manages to catch a ride with a customer in hopes of catching up to the bus. Unfortunately the man who picks her up has other intentions in mind. After escaping her would be rapist by hiding in the woods, Susan is killed by some as of yet, unseen force. The next day Josie and Matt (Jason Saucier) try to rekindle their old relationship with a romantic trip to the woods, where they find Susan’s body. The pair head back to town to inform the sheriff (Vince O’Neil), who claims to be skeptical, but is actually on the corrupt plant managers payroll. When they return to Susans body, they find it missing as it had been taken by the Nuclear Plant in secret. At the Plant it’s discovered that Susan’s remains are soaked in radiation, but that wasn’t the cause of death. Dr. Taylor now under the watchful eye of the Plant Manager tries to escape to inform the EPA. But is arrested by the corrupt sheriff. After Jack dies, his son who is a investigative journalist comes to town to claim his remains, which he is told have already been buried. He teams up with Josie, Matt and along with aid of Dr. Taylor learn the radiation has mutated the tree’s roots making them carnivorous…

While better than Troll 2, Troll 3 isn’t what I would call great or even good for that matter. But, maybe just maybe when viewed under the right light could pass for ok, maybe fair. The acting is an improvement over the previous installment. But this is due to a script that, while still clunky and padded out at times, is at least closer to how real people speak.

I was excited to see Mary Sellers in this film, having been aware of some of her other work. Most notably, as Laurel in Stage Fright: Aquarius. She like most the other actors seem to know that the script isn’t great and still have fun with it. Her acting is often campy and over the top, but when it comes to straight up caricature acting the prize goes to Vince O’Neil. Because if the acting in this movie has a top, he spends the film over it.

Final thoughts, for a movie about killer tree roots I was expecting much worse and while Troll 3 is no cinematic masterpiece it’s still fun. At a brief 91 minutes, Troll 3 isn’t a big time commitment. That said, it takes a fan of a certain kind of movie to get the most enjoyment from the film. So if you like B-Movies or films that are bad, but still good, than I would suggest you check this one here out. 5/10


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