Rats: Night of Terror

ratsposterSince I started this little blog, some of my friends have shown an increased interest and have begun to start suggesting films more regularly. This is one such film as he wanted to introduce me to Bruno Mettei, an Italian director, whom admittedly I had never heard of. I feel it unfair typically to judge a director on the basis of one film, but if his other films are as campy and fun as this one, I’ll be adding him to the list of people I’m a fan of.

Rats takes place in the distant future of 2240 and man has in the throes of a dark age brought on by nuclear war. One group lives underground, while others returned eventually to live on the surface. Those on the surface are looked down on by those who live below and due to the two groups never communicating have forgotten about those that live below. A motorcycle gang lead by Kurt (Ottaviano Dell’Acqua) take refuge in a desolated town to look for supplies. The find a huge cache of food, fresh water that’s purified on site, and even a nursery full of edible plants. The only problems with the location is that it’s also home to a couple of gnawed up corpses and more than a meager handful of rats. That night as everyone is trying to get some sleep but the sound of Lucifer (Jean-Christope Bretigniere) and Lilith (Moune Duvivier) have loud sex, in the same room as everyone else is keeping them awake. So Kurt sends the pair go do the dirty elsewhere. After Lilith tires of the endless copulating asks for a break. Something that upsets Lucifer to the point where he dresses and leaves with a bottle of liquor. Lucifer, Lilith and Noah (Christian Fremont), all who happen to be alone get attacked by rats. Lilith is killed by a rat while trapped in her sleeping bag, Lucifer is knocked down into the sewers, while Noah is just straight up attacked. The sound awakens the rest of the gang who try to come their aid but is too late. Kurt puts Noah out of his misery with a flamethrower that he just happens to be carrying around.  Those surviving try to make for the bikes to escape. But, the rats have chewed through their tires leaving them stranded. Duke (Henry Luciani) uses this as an opportunity to try to wrest control of the group from Kurt. With tensions high and surrounded by hungry flesh-eating rats will anyone survive the night?

What really sold me on this movie was the bad dubbing. I don’t think I could have gotten the same level of enjoyment out of the film if it was subtitled. The dubbing combined with the over acting creates the perfect blend of bad. The film crosses the point of Thriller/Horror and moves into the realm of accidental comedy.

None of the actors in this film do a particularly good job. That said, all of them seemed to be on the same page for bad acting. I know I use the phrases “It’s so bad it’s good” often but, it applies. I could not in good conscience call this film good. That doesn’t mean it’s not enjoyable. I had a great time watching this film, than again a cold beer and a good friend can vastly increase the quality of any film.

Final thoughts, I happy that I saw this film. I’m always interested in seeing foreign horror films and Italy seems to have plenty to sink your teeth into and should I ever have the time I will. The ending is a bit cliche and was sadly predictable if you’ve seen enough horror films. That doesn’t make it not worth seeing, but does detract a bit from the film’s over all enjoy-ability. 5/10


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