OMBC – Firestarter

Firestarter_novelIn all honesty, I was a bit afraid I wouldn’t be able to finish Firestarter on time. I’ve been very busy this past month and simply didn’t make the time to read. But I managed it, but it was close. I chose this book because, A. Stephen King, B. Childhood nostalgia. I watched the movie starring a young Drew Barrymore as a child… a lot. In fact my father encouraged it, The Shinning, It, Pet Cemetery, Carrie, Christine, all were all watched repeatedly in my home. But, as I had seen Firestarter so much as child and never read the book, I decided that it was due time that I changed that.

Also this is my short video to date at a scant one minute-thirty seconds. This isn’t due to my lack of things to say on the novel. Just not with questions fate provided.


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