My Bloody Valentine 3D (Video Review)

my_bloody_valentine_3d_ver3_xlgI didn’t like this film. This 2009 re-imagining leaves a lot to be desired, mostly in regards to story and likable characters. I have many issues with this film. But most of them boil down to one thing, this film is a lazy attempt at the genre. Dead Mary is arguably a better Slashers and it’s not even a Slasher in my opinion. I thought that starring Jensen Ackles and Kerr Smith that this film would be at least entertaining. But it fails their more than it succeeds. I feel that this film handicapped itself from it’s inception. As one of the genres main strengths is adaptability, something lost in a project that can be as confining as a re-imagining.

That’s all for this month and I will see you again next month when I talk about 2013 Slasher, Bloody Homecoming.


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