My Soul To Take (Video Review)

my-soul-to-take-616818-3000x4443-hq-dsk-wallpapersMy Soul To Take from 2o1o was one of Wes Cravens last films and I feel only fitting to end this month of Wes Cravens work on a Slasher. Which works out great since that’s how I end each month. My Soul To Take deviates only slightly from the Slasher format that Wes Craven worked with so well, creating two iconic Slasher franchises. I chose My Soul To Take mainly because I so rarely hear it brought up, as when people discuss Wes Cravens work with in the Slasher genre it’s easy to just go to the Nightmare on Elm Street series or in my opinion the superior Scream franchise. But that doesn’t mean My Soul To Take isn’t worth watching or discussing. It just means that it’s overshadowed.

And that’s my thoughts on My Soul To Take. See everyone next month.


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