Storage 24

file_171057_1_storage-24-posterAs it’s been a while since I’ve done a Creature Feature, I felt that it was well past due. The thing about Storage 24 that caught my eye wasn’t the monster, as it normally is for such films, but that it stars Noel Clarke. Being only vaguely familiar with his work, mostly as Mickey from Dr. Who and being the kind of person who will watch a film because one actor I like is in it. Luckily Storage 24 had more to stand on than just him, I did like the actors in the film. Except for Jamie Thomas King, who I felt was bland and kind of dry. So, while the casting is pretty on point, I can’t say the same for Creature/Monster.. Which is less so. But, That I’ll talk about later. Storage 24 is directed by Johannes Roberts, a director that honestly I wasn’t aware of. Which is odd given that one of his earlier films Hellbreeder is in my collection. Hellbreeder though is a film that I keep trying to watch, but never seem to get around to, so maybe I’ll have to find time for that one soon.

Storage 24 has a very generic plot line, The film opens with aircraft coming down in central London. Which, besides causing the military to evacuate the area and a lady’s dog dying from an unforeseen attacker, a group of people inside a Storage Unit Facility. On their way to there to remove his things from Charlie (Noel Clarke) and his recent ex-girlfreind Shelley’s (Antonia Campbell-Hughes) shared storage unit, Charlie and his best friend Mark (Colin O’Donoghue) see the military in action. When they arrive the pair end up getting locked in, when Bob (Geoff Bell) the maintenance man manages to briefly raise the emergency shutters. The pair gets locked in with Bob, the front clerk Jake (Alex Price), Shelley, her friend Nikki (Laura Haddock), and Nikki’s boyfriend Chris (Jamie Thomas King). Charlie and Mark head to the unit, while Bob goes to the basement to try to get the emergency systems working properly. After a while, Jake goes to check on Bob and finds him mutilated and in a state of shock on the stairs, and after seeing Bob’s attacker flees and hides within the storage facility. At the uni,t Charlie and Mark run into Shelly and her friends and after a heated moment leave. With Charlie and Mark gone, Nikki and Chris go down to a lower level to get food from the vending machine. While away Nikki gets a close call in the bathroom, while Chris finds Jake just before he’s killed by a strange monster. Charlie and Mark return, with no way out due the shutters still being found. After Nikki returns without Chris, the group goes to look for him and find him in a state of complete shock. When the monster arrives again Chris flees in the hallways, where he’s killed by the monster. Shortly after the group is found by an eccentric man, David (Ned Dennehy)who lives in his unit. The group makes their way to David’s unit as it can lock from the inside, but soon realize they’re trapped as the creature is looking for a way in… Also somewhere in there you learn that Shelly broke up with Charlie, because she and Mark have been cheating.

The film plays out very straight forward, with the character archetypes being clearly defined and telegraphing the films plot twists. If they can be called that. Which happens to be one of my two complaints, that the story was so color by numbers. I feel it would have been better if the cheating subplot had been cut out, leaving the break-up as a simple break-up, where neither party is at fault. It’s used to create tension and cast Mark in an almost comically villain light.

The other complaint was the Creature effects, which overall I did enjoy. It’s just the overall design of the monster felt very generic, alien monster. I’m sure budgetary demands had to play in and over all many of the scenes with monster do carry a lot of tension, most notably is when Charlie and Mark go into the air vents. That was an incredibly well done scene, but when the monster takes the screen, he’s just not scary. Then again, I am jaded from years of watching horror films.

Final thoughts, I had two complaints. Two and their super nit picky. So taking a second to look at the other side of this coin. Storage 24 does a great job at being exactly what it is, a generic monster movie. Storage 24 knows it’s a generic monster film, so it delivers just that. The gore effects are excellent, the casting as I stated is on point. The use of space is amazing and at points the cinematography is amazing. So, if you like Creature Features, I heavily suggest you give Storage 24 a  chance. It might just surprise you. 8/10


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