American Psycho II: All American Girl

american-psycho-2-all-american-girl-movie-poster-2002-1020203247Sometimes films don’t need sequels, such is the case with American Psycho. But due to its popularity, we got this clunker. Everyone hates this film, as it was widely panned, holds an 11% on Rotten Tomatoes and even the lead actress Mila Kunis. Whom has expressed embarrassment over the film. Now I’m going on record here and saying that while American Psycho 2 is terrible, it’s not that bad. In fact, if you ignore the connections to the first film, American Psycho 2 becomes entertaining and that film should have just remained its own thing. American Psycho 2 is only as bad as everyone seems to be making it out to be when you compare it against American Psycho. Which let’s face it, sets the bar rather high.

American Psycho 2 opens with a flashback of a young girl, who was brought along by her babysitter on a date. The date being with Patrick Bateman ends pretty much how you think it would, except that the little girl gets free and kills Bateman while he’s busy killing the babysitter. She then walks from the apartment vowing to spend her life hunting serial killers. The film then jumps ahead years later with the little girl, Rachel Newman (Mila Kunis) now a freshman in college. She’s studying under Professor Starkman (William Shatner) and vying for his teaching assistant position against a handful of her classmates, Brian Leads (Robin Dunne), Cassandra Blair (Lilly Booth) and Keith Lawson(Charles Officer). Rachael quickly starts eliminating her competition by way of murder. During which she decides to see psychiatrist Dr. Eric Daniels (Geraint Wyn Davies), who sees her for what she is. A textbook example of a Sociopath. Dr. Daniels calls Professor Starkman to warn him of the danger, but since Dr. Daniels can’t reveal who Rachael is due to doctor-patient confidentiality, Starkman believes that Dr Daniels is talking about Cassandra Blair. Who he’s currently having an extramarital affair with. After Rachael kills Cassandra, making it look like a suicide, Professor Starkman goes on sabbatical due to grief over the death of Cassandra. Resulting in no teaching assistant position being offered at all now. As a result Rachael kills Professor Starkman, who unlike her previous victims is noticed to be missing. Which causes Dr. Daniels to believe something is wrong when he runs into Rachael at dinner. Due to him thinking she had died, due to a miscommunication between him and Starkman after Cassandras death. Dr. Daniels does the sensible thing and goes to the police, who agree to go with him to check on Starkman…

Admittedly the acting is bad in this film. Not super bad, but just bad enough to be annoying. The only actor in the film who I actually thought they did a good job is William Shatner. This might be a fanboy thing, but even if he is walking through the role he’s still doing a better job than anyone else. Mila Kunis’s acting is middle of the road, resulting in a rather bland performance. But nothing I feel she should be ashamed of, it’s not like its Jupiter Ascending.

The tie in the original is at be tenuous. To the point where you can really tell that it was added in last-minute to create a sequel. The main issue is how they handled Bateman killing him off in a really weak way and should have taken more care as how he was handled. This is one of the rare films where the sequel actually weakens the source material.

Final thoughts, if you like bad movies like me, this film is worth watching. But if you’re a fan of films with substance and beautiful visuals, don’t. It would be best to just stick with this films predecessor. American Psycho is bad, but it’s never so bad that it becomes unwatchable and occasionally dips a little into being good. American Psycho 2 might be deserving of the level of hate that it gets, but personally I don’t think so. 4/10


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