Sleepaway Camp (Video Review)

sleepaway-camp-posterIs everyone ready for six months of Sleepaway Camp? Good, because this months entry into the Slasher Series is the iconic slasher, Sleepaway Camp from all the way back in 1983. One of the best known films from the golden age of slashers, Sleepaway Camp has maintained its cult status for over twenty years and for good reason. With it’s memorable and for lack of a better word, iconic Climax. Sadly the following entries in the series never reach the same level as their originator and I have an issue where I can’t stop when I start. So, four more Sleepaway Camps means four more videos.

And that’s my opinions on Sleepaway Camp, a film that I’m more than happy to share with everyone and everyone. Slashers are films plagued by the quick cash in; films like Sleepaway Camp are a great reminder about what the genre can offer.


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