Lurking Fear

lurking-fear-movie-poster-1994-1020210887This entry is a bit of a down note to end this month of reviews on. While normally a fan of Full Moon Entertainments releases, with the Subspecies series being a notable exception, here the execution of this film was simply abysmal and barely coherent. Also slapping H.P. Lovecrafts name on here feels more than slightly disingenuous, as this film can barely claim to be inspired by H.P. Lovecraft let alone to be a direct adaptation. Although I do understand that this film did have a number of issues during production, a new director and uncooperative actors being the least of them. Also admittedly I could be just a little upset that Jeffery Combs had such a small role and therefore had little screen time.

Ok, Lurking Fear… time to try to explain this mess. John Martense (Blake Adams) recently released from jail, gets a tip on a buried treasure left by his father from his last heist. John is given a portion of a map by Knaggs (Vincent Schiavelli), a small town mortician and family friend. The map leads John to a cemetery, where just as it turns out a group of would be heroes are setting the stage to battle the ghoul like being that dwell under the graveyard and has been killing the inhabitants of the town secretly for years. This group consists of Dr. Haggis (Jeffery Combs), Father Poole (Paul Mantee), Maria (Cristina Stoica) and their leader Cathryn Farrell (Ashley Laurence).  This group of survivors has strapped C-4 all over the church and graveyard with the plan to blow the place when the ghouls emerge from below. This all goes sideways as things are apt to do in horror movies when Bennett (Jon Finch), the man who John’s father heisted, comes looking for his money. After paying a visit to Knaggs, Bennett and his cronies Ms. Marlowe (Allison Mackie) and Pierce (Joseph Leavengood) head to the church to reclaim their money. Upon arriving, they take John and the others hostage after defusing the bombs. Right when the storm starts to pick up, which is what draws out the creatures…

Oh  god, that makes this film sound good. Which I assure you it’s not.  Because this film is shambles, it’s far more jumbled and less coherent that I could muster to describe. So basically what I’m getting at is that the pacing leaves much to be desired.

The acting is all over the place. Jeffery Combs and Vincent Schiavelli being the creme of the crop, the rest occupies the areas of fair to abysmal. With the worst being Blake Adams, who was only able to maintain my interest once he lost his shirt. I do also have to give a tip of the hat to Micheal Todd, who played the monster… well the most prominent of the monsters.

One aspect that Lurking Fear did get right is the music. Which they really got right. I’m not a hundred percent if it’s because the music is that good or if the rest of the film was that bad, but more often that not I found myself thinking “this music is GREAT”. So, I’m leaning that it is that good.

Final thoughts, Lurking Fear is OK at best. My main issue is that the quality of the actors, for the ones that are quality are vastly under utilized. But I can’t get mad due to the fact that Jon Finch wouldn’t listen to C. Courtney Joyner’s direction, something he laments as a rookie mistake and as I’ve stated in the past. I have a hard time hating on these sort of films just due to the level of heart it takes for them to see the light of day. But I just wish I could watch the movie that brought the survivors from the Church together, because that would of been a better movie. 4/10



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