Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor (Video Review)

Poster_of_the_movie_Sleepaway_Camp_IVThe Survivor is the fourth installment in the Sleepaway Camp Series… sort of.  After shutting down during early production (having only filmed 34 minutes worth of footage) due the collapse of its productions company Double Helix, The Survivor was mainly sequestered to DVD extra territory. Until it was championed by one John Klyza. Resulting in this, for lack of a more adequate term, abomination. I can’t imagine fans of the series really clamoring for another installment in the series, especially one such as the one they got. Cobbled together with clips from the previous three films Sleepaway Camp IV fails at being interesting as well as being anything close to a Slasher. Something I found beyond disappointing. But since I started the series…

All that said, we still have one film left in the Sleepaway Camp film series with Return to Sleepaway Camp. A film that ignores films two through four, becoming somewhat of a reboot. While Pamela Springsteen’s version of Angela has grown on me, I’m excited for the potential that picking up right after the original entails.


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