Evil Bong 420

img41071a14Due to the lack of over site, basically meaning I had already opened my beer and hit play, I started this series in the wrong place. I had originally intended to watch Evil Bong, but ended up watching the fourth.. maybe fifth depending how you count it, film in the series. Having seen the second film in the series once I was lucky enough to understand basically who everyone was and what was going on. This was aided by the films regretfully short run time, clocking in at a mere 53 minutes. Than again, I would rather have a short film, over a bloated beast that wastes its time.

Evil Bong 420’s plot is quite simple, Rabbit (Sonny Carl Davis) has escaped the Bong World and in the process stolen a large quantity of the Evil Bong’s (Michelle Mais) magic weed. Rabbit has used the profits some selling said weed to open a topless bowling alley. In the Bong World, the Gingerdeadman (Bob Ramos) has grown tired of the illusions and yearns for the real thing, and when he discovers Rabbits escape follows suit with the Evil Bong.  In the bowling alley Rabbit encounters his old friend Larnell (John Patick Jordan) and his girlfriend Sarah Leigh (Robin Sydney), who have come to the alley for an out-of-the-way place to avoid his ex-girlfriend Velicity (Amy Paffrath). Who of course. shows up and with ludicrous results. When the Evil Bong and Gingerdeadman things kind of happen. A redneck stereotype gets stabbed in the eye by Ooga Booga, a washed up TV child personality Hambo (Chance A. Rearden) shows up and does… stuff. Actually, he doesn’t do much of anything, but I still felt he was the best part of the movie so I had to bring him up in the synopsis. The Gingerdeadman gets his freak on, before confronting Sarah Leigh and Larnell and the Evil Bong catches Rabbit.

It’s really to Evil Bong 420’s benefit that it’s so short. Because even at the short run time it currently possess Evil Bong 420 still gets sidetracked, a lot. Be it either with boobs, or stupid one-off jokes that are neither intelligent or funny. This is mainly the redneck duo, I have no idea who would find these funny characters. They push the point so far past them being caricatured it became the only place where my frost liquid libation offered me no aid.

The acting is overall… decent to good. Not like big budget good, but given what this is the acting is all above water. Even the aforementioned rednecks were having fun with the role, something that for me matters. Sonny Carl Davis in particular was a delight to watch.

Final thoughts, nudity. Lots of it and not a single moment of it’s used tastefully. Which doesn’t bother me a single bit. So if you like you bad B-Movies with more than a smattering of nudity and doesn’t have the cares or budget to talk down to its audience. That said, you know what you’re getting in for when you throw in a film named Evil Bong, let alone the 4 film in the series. Excluding Gingerdeadman Vs. Evil Bong. 6/10


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