Evil Bong 3-D: The Wrath of Bong

297094_2411478605025_1193055466_32917824_211113_nQuick note, I watched the 2-D version of this film due to lack of red-blue 3-D glasses and thus will be judging the film accordingly.

It’s really weird watching a film series in reverse. Though I have a feeling that the Evil Bong series is disjointed anyway. Mostly I’m really happy that Evil Bong 3-D delivered on my expectations. Which is that this film would be just more of the same. Evil Bong is one of those series that if you like one of them, chances are you’re going to like all of them. I’ve mostly noticed this trend in stoner comedies, with the Cheech and Chong films being a prime example and a stoner comedy is mostly what the Evil Bong series is. With just enough horror and sci-fi to see it through the day.

Evil Bong 3-D: The Wrath of Bong opens with The Killer (Irwin Keyes) burying his wife in the shallowest of graves. While stripping her of her jewelry, (the caliber of which makes me doubt that she was actually his wife and The Killer might just be more than a little off his rocker.) he witness a meteor come crashing to earth nearby and goes to investigate. When he arrives, he finds a strange-looking bong inside the meteor that turns out to be hollow. He also eats some strange plant that’s on the meteor. Because, umm… it smells like good weed? Anyway, he takes the bong to a head shop run by Bauchman (Mitch Eakins) and Brett (Brian Lloyd) and the pair end up buying the bong off of him. Even though he also tried to sell them jewels and a used knife. Brett calls up his friend Alistar (Peter Stickles). Who just happened to be investigating the same meteor the bong arrived in and encounters Larnell (John Patrick Jordan).  Larnell now a Drunken Monkey Master… it’s a thing I guess. While Brett is on the phone with Alistar, Bauchamn sneaks the bong and goes to try it out. When he does, it becomes alive and sucks him into a place known as Bong World.  Where he is seduced by some hot alien chicks and milked. After Alistar and Larnell arrive so does Rabbit (Sonny Carl Davis), who’s now a holy roller and has come to smoke with Bauchman. He goes to the back, the bong mocks him, he smokes out of the bong and ends up in the Bong World to suffer the same fate as Bauchman. This is when the other realize they’re going to need some help and call in Gramps (Jacob Witkin). They need Gramps, because he has Eebee, Aka The Evil Bong (Michelle Mais). He arrives and insults, well all of them, but reluctantly helps when he realizes he can make a profit. It helps that his assistant Nurse Hookah (Christina DeRosa) holds Brett hostage. So Larnell and Alistar, along with the Evil Bong venture into the bong world. Where they free Bauchman and Rabbit, but can they return to earth in time to stop the Alien Bong (Circus-Szalewski).

You know what you’re in for as soon as you read the title. That said, for what it is and for what it was trying to accomplish. The nailed it. I’m not saying that this is a good film, oh goodness no. But it is a so bad it’s good. At least it is for me. The actors look like they’re having fun, the film is campy and straight up ridiculous at times. Just he kind of B-Movie I love.

I was actually surprised with how much this film crams into its 83 minute long run time. Once it starts, Evil Bong 3 never loses steam and you can feel the actions, caused by straight up bad decisions spiral out of control. I want to critique the script, due to it being just terrible. But I just can’t. Evil Bong 3 wasn’t trying to be intelligent or to be an exemplary example of what he genre can provide. It was just trying to be Evil Bong 3 and it really succeeded in that regard.

Final thoughts, if the concept behind Evil Bong… well any of them, appeals to you. Watch them. They’re just what you would expect and typically in the most wonderful of fashions. Also, if you like B-Movies that know not too take themselves to seriously, I would recommend it. 7/10



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