Evil Bong II: King Bong

Evil_Bong_IITime for the second installment in the Evil Bong series. I like starting at the end of a series, the films improve as time goes on and more often enough make just about the same amount of sense. Maybe not as far as this series is concerned, because the Evil Bong series doesn’t ever really drop in quality. Than again, I still have yet to see the first in the series, so for all I know the sequels might be terrible and unworthy to call themselves… Evil Bong?  Anyway Evil Bong prime is for another day, today is about King Bong. Much in the same way that Wrath of Bong ripped on space films, King Bong takes its shot at jungle films and even glances a tentative eye towards Cannibal films. Though never commits and goes that route. Honestly, King Bong doesn’t even go the King route fully. As I see him more as a Hookah, than a bong…

After the events of the first film leaves Larnell (John Patrick Jordan), Brett (Brian Lloyd)  and Bauchman (Mitch Eakins) cursed. Larnell with lower inhibitions, Brett with uncontrollable munchies and Bauchman with narcolepsy. Larnell calls in the aid of Allistar (Brett Chukerman) to help. Allistar manages to deduce that they’re being affected with heightened symptoms of smoking the sweet sticky icky and sets to track the down the origins of the Evil Bong. Hoping that it’s origins may help uncover a way to lift the curses. He starts with the delivery company, which leads him to the driver Rabbit (Sonny Davis). Rabbit relates his knowing of the Evil Bong’s origin in the Amazon of South America. The group heads there, with Rabbit who for no reason joins them. They of course get lost and stumble across a hut. The huts owner Velicity (Amy Paffrath) agrees to help them and identify the shards of Eebee as the handy work of the Poontang Tribe that rumored to dwell deep in the jungle. While wandering around Larnell and Rabbit come across a large quality of marijuana. While pilfering some of it the pair are confronted by Larnell’s grandfather Cyril (Jacob Witkin), who tells them in no uncertain terms what he thinks of them and that he want’s them gone. As it turns out Cyril is working with Velicty, well more like ripping her off. As the weed is supposed to have healing properties, properties so strong that it has allowed Cyril to walk again. Velicity want’s to study it and use its medicinal abilities to cure cancer, Cyril want’s to make some cash. Velicity has the Larnell, Brett and Bauchman smoke the super weed to see if it helps lift the curse. Since the weed is from the same region as the Evil Bong I guess? Anyway it works, but not before Cyril restores Eebee to full power. Right before she and Rabbit gets taken by the Poontang Tribe at the behest of Eebee’s former lover, King Bong. The other rush to Rabbits aid… because he somehow endeared himself to them I suppose. Leading to a confrontation of sorts with King Bong!

Curses and a cannibalistic tribe, I can’t help but think there’s a better horror film buried somewhere deep down inside this thing and it can stay there. You do not throw in a film like Evil Bong II: Wrath of Bong to get scared. Like the others I’ve talked about, Evil Bong II is more stoner comedy than it is by any means a horror film. That said, it does pull… I want to say heavily, but that would be a gross overestimation so, modestly from the horror genre. Most notably during the film’s final act after Rabbit is taken.

The acting is… well, it’s what you would expect in a film that heavily features talking Bongs. Sonny Davis, Amy Paffrath and John Patrick Jordan are all fun and entertaining to watch and Jacob Witkin is a straight up HOOT. But the rest of the cast isn’t… fun.

Final thoughts, so far my favorite of the Evil Bong films, Evil Bong 420 being a close second. So if you want a horror so light on the horror it has almost ceased to be to just turn off your mind to, than here you go.  If you want a story that chills you and leaves you feeling hollowed out for a day or two, Evil Bong 2? Not for you. 7/10


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