Evil Bong

img5737c6ecEvil Bong, was just about what I thought it would after watching all of it sequels and just as I thought there was no dip in quality. Actually quite the opposite as I feel this is  among the weakest of the Evil Bong films. No, I’m going to go ahead and give the title it has earned, Evil Bong is the Weakest. Which is sad as I’m a fan of Tommy Chong and he plays his bit well, though playing a burned out stoner is sort of Tommy Chong’s shtick. So, it should come as no surprise that he is one of the few enjoyable performances. All that aside, Evil Bong Prime as I’m going to call it, is the closest to being a horror film. Which having watched the others, isn’t the hardest thing to pull off.9

Evil Bong opens with Alistair (David Weidoff) knocking on Larnell’s (John Patrick Jordan) door, answering an ad placed for a roommate. As Alistar has cash on hand, he quickly gets the room.  Alistair’s other roommates consist of Bachman (Mitch Eakins) and Brett (Brian Lloyd). Larnell uses, in part, Alistair’s rent money to purchases a bong through an ad placed in High Times. The ad warns that the bong is cursed, though Larnell cares little. When the bong arrives the housemates. excluding Alistair who doesn’t smoke, smoke from the bong. At this time Brett’s girlfriend Luann (Robin Sydney) is introduced along with her friend Janet (Kristyn Green). Alistair quickly develops a crush on Janet, who ends up serving mainly as just his love interest. Bachman is the first to fall to the bong’s power, his soul being sucked into the bong to a world inside. By world, I mean a seedy strip club. Which as far as I’ve experienced is the only flavor they come in. He seduced by one of the dancers, who ends up attacking a mauling him. The next morning, Brett, Alistair and Larnell discover Bachman’s soulless husk and assume that he’s dead. Not wanting police involvement, due to all the weed they have, they elect to hide the body and deal with it later after the party that night as Luann and Janet are coming over. While hiding Bachman’s meat suit, Larnell’s grandfather Cyril (Jacob Witkin) arrives to tell Larnell that he had gotten remarried and introduce his new wife. An event that doesn’t go all that swimmingly. That night at the party they once again smoke from the bong, which has been going through a slow metamorphosis. It claims Larnell, Brett, Luann and Janet, before Jimbo (Tommy Chong) walks in claiming to own the bong. He dumps exposition before Alistair enters the bong world to save them from the inside as Jimbo prepares to destroy the bong once and for good on the outside…

The horror here is still incredibly down played and if it didn’t have the standard comedy happy ending could have stayed a functional horror film. But alas, this film has a total body count of zero by the end, making me more than a little ruffled. The inability to commit and just killed off some of the characters it would have given Eebee much more weight as a villain, made the characters a bit tragic. But most importantly, it would have made this an actual horror film.

My main gripe though is that the second act of this film simply drags on forever for me. I understand they were trying to establish the characters. But that managed that same thing better in all of the other films in this series. It’s nice to see a series that actually improves with time.

The acting… well, it’s what you would expect. The acting is just awful, I won’t go so far though, as to call it un-enjoyable. Because it’s so bad it swings back around to interesting. Except for Mitch Eakins whose character was so annoying, he became infuriating.

Final thoughts, it’s a stoner comedy-masquerading as a horror-comedy. Some that can be applied to every other Evil Bong film. Here though, I managed to feel cheated. The biggest disappointment though was how little Tommy Chong was in this film. But the way they pimp him out in the trailer you would think he was a main character. 4/10


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