The Veil

The_Veil_movie_posterNo, sir. Can’t say that I liked it. Not that I outright hate it, it’s just one that in hindsight I wish I had skipped. The performances are pretty solid and the atmosphere is really great at times. Now I’m not going to harp against this film as my dislike is personal as I feel The Veil takes the tragedies of the Jonestown Massacre and Heaven’s Gate lightly and not giving the material that The Veil was blatantly pulled any respect. Beyond that, it’s still just OK and probably skip-able.

The Veil opens with a FBI raid on the The Heavens Veil cult compound lead by Jim Jacobs (Thomas Jane) and find all the members of the group dead by suicide and is labeled as the biggest mass suicide in the US’s history with only one survivor. A five-year old girl. Twenty-five years later, Maggie Price (Jessica Alba) contacts Sarah Hope (Lily Rabe), the five year old girl and takes her back to the compound to film a documentary. Well that and look for some cameras that were never recovered in order to find out what happened on the day of the mass suicide. This is because Maggie’s father lead the FBI raid and committed suicide shortly after, leaving Maggie with plenty of unanswered questions. Maggie and her crew, which consists of her brother Christian (Jack De Sena), Ed (Lenny Jacobson), Ann (Meegan Warner), Nick (Reid Scott), Jill (Shannon Woodward), and Matt (David Sullivan), head out to the Ranch.  After they arrive things get weird real quick, including Ed vanishing with the van, only to be discovered dead with the van wrapped around a tree. Sarah also remembers about a house hidden in the nearby forest and there they discover the missing camera equipment… plus Sarah’s dead mom. Her body was never found among the dead earlier during the mass suicide. The group starts watching the tapes, which show that Jim Jacobs wasn’t spinning falsehoods. But was the real deal and was uncoupling his followers souls from their physical forms so that they could live forever and that twenty-five years ago they didn’t intend to commit suicide. The FBI arrived before they could administer the antidote. But as the truth unveils its self, the crew continues to go missing, a malevolent force makes its self known…

The film is pretty good. With a couple of solid jump scares and an unnerving story that could have been handled better.  The sets, specifically Jacobs house in the woods looks amazing and drips with dread. The dread location for this film is actually really fantastic and takes full advantage of the site’s history.

But the main reason I watched this movie, actually the whole reason was Jessica Alba. Who’s been in some horror films in the past, Idol Hands, The Eye and Awake. But it was Idol Hands that made me a fan of hers, so you should just watch that. I was surprised to see another notable name when I hit play and that was Thomas Jane, who killed it in The Mist. But when I see him I always think of the Punisher. I can’t actually think of a single actor who wasn’t good or even great in this film. My only beef is Thomas Jane does feel more than a little over the top, but then again he is playing a Cult Leader.

Final Thoughts, I’m not sure why I’m so upset with this film. I think that it’s by making the Cult Leader right, in a way it feels like The Veil is trying to validate the actions of Jim Jones and Marshall Applewhite. Which I know wasn’t the filmmakers intent. But that’s what I pulled out of it. 2/10


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