Let Us Prey

Let-Us-Prey-2014-movie-poster-723x1024I don’t think I can understate how much I liked this movie. Let Us Prey is a British/Irish horror film that’s fun, if not slightly unoriginal. But it does get major points for not coming across uneven, given at a few points the film could have fallen apart but didn’t. The best way for me to describe Let Us Prey is that it’s Assault on Precinct 13, a dash of The Ninth Gate, and just a dab Storm of the Century. What really held this film together was the wonderful performances from the films leads Liam Cunningham and Pollyanna McIntosh. So not to get ahead of myself…

Let Us Prey opens with a man surround by ravens (Liam Cunnigham) heading from the sea to a small Scottish town. Meanwhile PC. Rachel Heggie (Pollyanna McIntosh) wakes up from a nightmare about her time held captive and abused as a child. She heads into work and on the way witness Caesar Sargison (Brian Vernel) hit the man from the beginning with his car. She rushes to help, but finds the man missing. She takes Caesar into custody and alerts the other officers to the man. Who she believes is wounded. The senior officer on duty Sgt. MacReady (Douglas Russell) locks up Caesar next to his former teacher Ralph Beswick (Jonathan Watson), who’s locked up for domestic violence while the officer look for the man he hit. Said man hunt pulls PC. Jennifer Mundie (Hanna Stanbridge) off  her married partner PC. Jack Warnock (Bryan Larkin). The pair find the man and bring him back to the station, where he refuses to speak. Fearing for his injuries the police call Dr. Duncan Hume (Niall Greig Fulton), who after touching the man see’s flashes of his misdeeds. Resulting in the Dr. attacking the man and getting arrested and placed down in the cells. With man being placed in cell six. The man, now referred to as Six, starts talking the men and driving them to madness. As the night wears on Heggie beings to see that the man in cell Six may not be the most dangerous man in the place…

I left quite a bit out of the summary, because I want you to see this. I’m not claiming that it’s revolutionary or original even. What I am saying is I think it’s still worth the watch. If for no other reason than Liam Cunnigham as Six, because he really delivers a fantastic performance. Possibly my favorite. No, that still goes to the Onion Knight. Maybe Sid Rourke. Still it’s easily top three.

Whats really great is that Pollyanna McIntosh matches his performance in both intensity and tone. pretty well. I don’t feel she delivered as good of a performance as Cunnignham, She still does a great job. I really like the pains that the actress and the filmmakers took to make her character, strong and interesting without exploiting the character’s history of abuse. Which shows a lot of tact.

I do have some beef with this movie though, as it feels like the sins being revealed makes the town look like it has nothing but murders in it. As everyone in this film other than PC. Hoggie has killed somebody, or beats his wife. Another is Sgt. MacReady’s downward spiral seems a little out of nowhere. Though still manages to be awesome.

Final thoughts, Let Us Prey is really good. But it does feel cliche at times and does have some minor weirdness going on with it. But the performances of the lead actors carries the film. Not to ignore or admonish the contributions of the other actors work, they just didn’t stand out. The film has a great tone and solid pacing, that might feel a little slow to start. 8.5/10


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