The Seasoning House

the-seasoning-house-(2012)-large-pictureThe Seasoning House has been on my radar for well over a year now and I honestly have no idea why I waited so long to see it. The Season House has received a lot of well deserved praise from the horror community, with which I agree with all of it. The Seasoning House is gritty, visceral, bold and much more. But what I enjoyed most was the way it handled the dark subject matter. But I’ll rave more about this films attributes in a bit. I was also happy to see that this is a British film from a first time director, which doesn’t show as Paul Hyett really delivers an excellent vision.

The Seasoning House is about the horror and brutality witnessed by Angel (Rosie Day), a young deaf mute girl who is sold to brothel by the military after they kill her mother. Which is sad to think that things like this actually happened during the Bosnian War during the 1990s. Anyway Angel is deemed too unattractive to but put work as a sex slave due a birthmark on her face by the brothels owner/operator Viktor (Kevin Howarth). He instead puts her work caring for the girls, since she can’t hear their pleas for help. Angel becomes responsible for drugging up the girls and putting make up on them at the start of the night. At the end she washes the blood from the violent rapes off them to clean them up. Angel one day meets Vanya (Dominique Provost-Chakley), a new girl who can speak sign language. The two become friends and Angel is forced to watch her deteriorate as Vanya is repeatedly raped, once so violently it breaks her pelvis. After said broken pelvis incident, the house is visited by Goran (Sean Pertwee), the military officer that killed Angels family and former comrade of Viktors. As the Viktor and Goran meet, Gorans men enjoy the houses pleasures. With one of the men Ivan (Ryan Oliva) killing Vanya during her rape. Angel watches this happen from the vent in the wall and attacks Ivan. Stabbing him to death, but is too late to save Vanya. With the men alerted by the noise, Angel is forced to try to escape the house before she’s found…

My favorite thing about this film is how visually stunning it is. It alone would be reason enough for me to revisit this film. I loved the atmosphere of the house and the cramped confines, allowing for a nice switch to the horrors outside the house.

Next thing is this film is well acted from start to finish and everyone in this film is deserving of praise. That said the principle three actors Rosie Day, Kevin Howarth and Sean Pertwee do stand out as the best. Rosie Day does a great job portraying her character using no dialogue and never once are we to left to wonder what Angel is thinking. Kevin Howarth presents a villain that has more than the single, I’m a bag guy layer and feels more resembling a fleshed out human. But they get plenty of praise for their work here and equally deserving is Sean Pertwee. Who does an amazing job and makes a fantastic villain.

Final thoughts, If you’ve been meaning to watch this film go do it. Now if possible. If this the first time you’ve heard about this film and it looks like something you would be interested, go watch it. Now if possible. I don’t throw a lot of perfect tens out there, but here I feel it’s more than deserving. As I can’t think of a single gripe, to gripe about. 10/10


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