Sand Sharks

rs_634x899-140715122259-634.Sand-Sharks-Movie-Poster.jl.071514I went into Sand Sharks with incredibly low expectations after my recent viewing of Avalanche Sharks. But how much of a sequel Avalanche Sharks is can be a bit debatable. Both films are basically the same plot, down to the spring breakers and the mayor who doesn’t want to close things down because the town needs the money. But that’s it as Sand Sharks managed to do what Avalanche Shark failed at, being entertaining. Which goes to show that it’s not budgets that makes entertaining films. Like Avalanche Sharks, Sand Sharks feels very much like a mash-up for Jaws and just about any cheap spring break comedy.

Sand Sharks opens with a pair of dirt bikers being attacked and consumed from the sand by a, you guessed it, shark. The discovery of one of the heads prompts local Sheriff John Stone (Eric Scott Woods) into opening a murder investigation. As he feels that the attacks place too far up the beach for it be a shark. Sheriff Stone’s deputy and sister Brenda (Vanessa Lee Evigan) disagrees and calls in a Shark expert Sandy Powers (Brooke Hogan) from the mainland to help with the investigation. While this is happening local weasel Jimmy Green (Corn Nemec) returns to town to persuade his father, the town mayor (Edgar Allan Poe IV) to allow Jimmy to use the town’s beaches to throw a massive spring break festival. In the same spirit as Cancun, Daytona and Burning Man. He sells the idea that it will return business to the town and island, something that it desperately needs since the town popularity declined. A decline caused by Jimmy’s last party that left fifteen people dead. Against common sense the Mayor agrees to allow Jimmy and his team, consisting of Amanda Gore (Gina Holden) a lawyer that represents Jimmy’s investors, Willie (Delpaneaux Wills) the social media and event organizer and Erin (Hilary Cruz) the intern, get to work setting up. After another Sand Shark attack leaves two dead and this time being witnessed by the police as well as others, Sheriff Stone closes the beaches. But since the town is in a financial crisis and the mayor declares that beaches will close but only for a single day. At the end of the town meeting local Angus McSorely (Robert Pike Daniel) steps forward to warn the town of the danger posed by the sand shark and offering to get rid of it for a cool 10k before he leaves telling them that they know where to find him.  The next day while the beaches are closed Jimmy removes the signs and starts setting up for the party, after trying to pass-off a dead shark from a movie set as the islands killer. After the power is taken out by the sharks one of Jimmy’s crew being eaten while reestablishing it, but when the sand shark attacks him it also dies. As the electricity causes it to explode and the sand around it to turn to glass. With the threat now gone the beaches reopen just in time for the party. But Sandy Powers fears that this shark was only a baby and others may be out there…

I actually found Sand Sharks charming, well as charming as a film about a bunch of killer sharks that can swim through sand can be I suppose. It’s very much a B-Movie that knows and enjoys what it is, which is a trait that I greatly value. Sand Sharks is very much a so bad it’s good kind of film as this film objectively is very bad. From the acting to writing to the special effects, all bad. But they still somehow manage to congeal into an entertaining and fun hour and a half.

Like I said the acting is by no means what I would call good and for most the actors passable. But somehow they still manage to make stupid one-liners, lame puns and constant references to superior films work. Out of the batch I found that I enjoyed Eric Scott Woods and Vanessa Lee Evigan to be the best actors this time around. Which is odd given how Eric Scott Woods performance as the Ski Patrol Leader in Avalanche Sharks to be among the most abysmal in that production. Here it’s Corn Nemec, who gets that honor. Whose performance as Jimmy Green I found was both annoying and grinding.

The shark effects and attacks are slightly better than those that appear in Avalanche Sharks. Not surprising since sequels often have a dip in quality. Here at least they got more inventive with the deaths, but the kills still grow tedious after a while.

Final thoughts, it’s actually OK if not full on kinda good. In no way am I endorsing this as a good film, as it in no way leaves you with that haunted, hollowed out feeling that I love from this genre. This is due the films comedic elements both accidental and purposeful spoiling any air of dread the film manages to get going. That said, if you’re just looking for fun B-Movie romp that’s that magic blend of so bad it’s good. Then I would recommend you should give Sand Sharks a watch. Maybe you’ll be surprised. I was. 7/10


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