Little Dead Rotting Hood

LittleDeadRottingHoodDVD-fLittle Dead Rotting Hood is a prime example of why I don’t like werewolf films. It’s slow dodgy pace coupled with the terrible visuals and a plot that goes nowhere, really creates an unpleasant experience. Little Dead Rotting Hood feels more like a TV pilot than it does a feature film. As it sets up more as if this will somehow go on to be a long running franchise. But then again, Subspecies got four sequels, five depending on what you say count, so I who knows. Little Dead Rotting Hood tries to do so much that finished product feels bloated and unfocused. That said, I must admit that I did enjoy parts of the film. Mainly Patrick Muldoon, who feels like he’s the only one enjoying himself.

Anyway, Little Dead Rotting Hood opens with Samantha (Bianca A. Santos) fleeing a vicious wolf. She trips and is of course mauled.  The wolf is called off by Samantha Grandmother (Marina Sirtis), who then lets her granddaughter die. Before burying her in a shallow grave with a magic cloak and sword and committing a ritual suicide on top of said grave. The next day Samantha’s Grandmother’s body is found by the local police, Sheriff Adam (Eric Balfour) and Deputy Henry (Patrick Muldoon). Samantha’s boyfriend Danny (Romeo Miller) arrives after hearing about the commotion at the local diner. He’s asked by Deputy Henry to call Samantha to inform her of Grandmothers suicide. Danny tries but is unable to reach Samantha, but still ends up at a lake party that night. Where two of the party goers are attacked by a wolf leaving one of them dead and the others mentally scarred. The following day, another couple is attacked and killed by a wolf. This time inside of their home. Sheriff Adam goes the state police to get advice from Officer Victoria (Heather Tom) the local wildlife expert. She suggests that wolves are genetic mutations and are the next step in their evolution. Sheriff Adam rounds up some locals to go hunting for the wolves and succeed. If only to be ambushed and saved by Samantha, who has clawed her way out of her grave. She kills some of the wolves and vanishes into the woods. She’s later found by Danny. She takes him to her Grandmothers house, where he finds a journal detailing the hidden world and Samantha’s new place in it as Keep of the Forest….

It’s a B-Movie and a cheap one at that. The plot barely holds together and most of the performances come off as stale. or at the very least, stilted. Like I said, Patrick Muldoon’s a delight and avoids this pitfall. He’s joined by Romeo Miller, who’s the other enjoyable performance. Though Eric Balfour does have some good moments, but mostly comes off as bored and uninterested.

The werewolves take forever to show up and when they do, they just kind of just pop up. Resulting in them feeling shoehorned in as I think this film could of functioned without them, But no, werewolves and secret wars. Cliche.

Final thoughts, it’s passable and by that I mean you should probably pass. Because even if werewolves are your thing, you could be watching far more enjoyable films in that genre. As Little Dead is at best a half-hearted attempt. That all said it still had managed to entertain and hold my interest. So something most of gone right. I’m just not sure what. Maybe because they used real wolves? 4/10


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