Hush_2016_posterHush is a 2016 Home-Invasion Horror film directed by Mike Flanagan. So I had a pretty good idea of what I was in for going into this film. Hush pretty much delivered on my expectations, though Hush did provide more than a couple of surprises. Mainly I was impressed with direction, which I feel is Mike Flanagan’s best work that I’ve seen to date. I also liked the tweaks to the standard home invasion film. But it’s not all roses and there’s a couple of flaws that do bother me. Though, honestly there’s more positive to say than there is negative as Hush is an incredible film.

Hush opens with Madison “Maddie” Young (Kate Siegel), who happens to be a deaf-mute writer that lives alone in the country, cooking dinner. When her friend from next door Sarah (Samantha Sloyan) comes over to return the copy of Maddie’s book she borrowed.  The two talk and Maddie looses track of time resulting in her dinner burning. Sarah invites Maddie over for dinner, but she declines. Later that night while cleaning up the dishes from dinner, Sarah runs to the house covered in blood and screaming for help. Since Maddie can’t hear her, Sarah is violently murdered by a masked man (John Gallagher Jr.) and dragged away. Noticing Maddie’s deafness, he slips into her home and steals her cell phone while her back’s turned. He then makes his presence known to her, before cutting the power and making his intentions to Maddie very clear…

I liked the use of Maddie’s deafness as a plot device and really freshens up what I consider a pretty stale genre. The switch between sounds and silence is fluid and works wonderfully for the building tension. Mike Flanagan and Kate Seigel did a wonderful job writing this film. Oh yeah, they also wrote this in addition to directing or acting.

Kate Siegel does a great job portraying the character, as she never leaves you guessing what Maddie is thinking or feeling. I also really liked that masked killer abandons his mask rather quickly and when he does, it doesn’t come off as forced.

Though Something I really wished they would have done is given the killer a motive. Hell he’s an escaped loon, cult stuff, I really don’t care what it is. But people who murder for murder’s sake doesn’t scare me, if anything it frustrates me. I find people who are motivated by just about any reason, far scarier then their counterparts.

Final thoughts, I really liked Hush. A lot. I like the small tight cast, as it has like five people in it. But Hush isn’t about a big cast. It’s about isolation, being hunted and the fight to survive. Which it really delivers on. I would defiantly recommend you see this film. It’s well written, well acted and directed. 9/10



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