Dead Snow

mpadeadsnowposter5bDead Snow is a Norwegian Zombie Horror film, that’s a fun twist on the cliche friends on vacation at a secluded cabin trope. I’ve been aware of Dead Snow since its release in 2009, but never seemed to find the time to give it a shot. That is until a friend of mine sat me down to watch it. As a big fan of both zombies and fore mentioned cliche trope, I was delighted with this film. Not that Dead Snow doesn’t have problems, it’s got problems. But it’s a zombie that doesn’t take its self super seriously. Which is always something I like to see in my Zombie flicks.

Dead Snow opens with Sara (Ane Dahl Torp) fleeing, but ultimately gets caught and ate by some zombie Nazi’s. We then cut away and learn about Dead Snow’s victim pool, Vegard (Lasse Valdal), Erlend (Jeppe Beck Laursen), Roy (Stig Frode Henriksen), Martin (Vegar Hoel), Liv (Evy Kasseth Rosten), Hannah (Charolette Frogner) and Chris (Jenny Skavlan). Who are all on their way to Vegard’s girlfriend Sara’s cabin for Easter vacation. When they arrive the group parties, as young adults do in horror films. That night their festivities are interrupted by a backpacker Turgaer (Bjorn Sundquist), who tells them of the region’s dark history. That during WWII the Nazi forces that occupied the region were harsh and brutal to the local population. Eventually the town-folk rose up with whatever they could use as a weapon and fell upon their oppressors. The surviving Nazi’s fled into the mountains, where they presumably froze to death. After his tell of the region’s dark history, he peaces out. That night after hooking up in the outhouse with Erlend, Chris is attacked and killed by the Nazombies. Who then fall upon the remaining vacationers, who are forced into a bloody fight for their lives…

To get it out-of-the-way I only have one real issue with this film. Why are the Nazis zombies? I mean it does cover that they’re looking for the treasure that they had stolen from the people before fleeing to the mountains. But why are they zombies? Are they cursed? Was it a mad science experiment gone terribly awry? Nope. No answers here or at least none that I caught. I do miss bits sometimes with subtitled foreign films.

That said, the kills are fun. Often comical due the outlandish level of gore in places. But as there is a character wearing a Dead Alive shirt, one of the bloodiest horror films of all time, I’m going to claim that it’s on purpose. If not straight up homage.

The acting is pretty good given that I don’t know the language. But they were able to emote through that barrier and deliver characters that I could understand. In fact, I can only think of one cringe worthy moment in the entire film. Which is when Martin tries to smother Liz for funsies with a pillow. At least I think it was those two characters. Regardless, one character tries to smother another with a pillow for no reason. Which is crazy awkward and out-of-place with the rest of the film.

Final thoughts, was it a rip-roaring good time? No. Was it a great way to spend an evening? Absolutely. Dead Snow is a horror film that’s not taking its self too seriously. Comedy is a key part of what holds this film together and it can get pretty dark. I love me some me some dark comedy. If you enjoy self-aware horror films or zombie flicks and haven’t seen Dead Snow. I would recommend you give it watch, its worth the investment. 8.5/10


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