Ava’s Possessions

avas-possessions-posterI was really surprised with this film and in a good way. Which is really lucky as I picked this Ava’s Possessions by pure chance. I’m hit and miss with the possession sub-genre, but I really enjoyed this films spin on it. I like that it takes place after the possession and takes an interesting look at the aftermath of such an ordeal.

Ava’s Possessions starts during Ava’s (Louisa Krause) exorcism performed by Father Merrino (John Ventimglia). After her exorcism and she’s been freed her of demonic interloper, Ava is left to pick up the pieces of her life. As he demon thoroughly ruined her professional life and alienated all of her friends. Not to mention the charges for crimes committed during her possession. When presented with her options of a mental institution, prison, or AA for people who have been possessed by her parents lawyer JJ Sampson (Dan Fogler). Ava of course chooses the last option and enrolls in the program which is lead by Tony (Wass Stevens). Part of the treatment requires that she piece together the missing twenty-eight days during her possession. This eventually leads her to find a large blood stain along with a watch. With the advice of other group members Ava is eventually able to return to the watch to the owners son Ben (Lou Taylor Pucci). With whom she is instantly attracted. At group she also meets and befriends a number of other members, including Hazel (Annabelle Dexter-Jones). Who persuades Ava to aid her in getting repossessed.  She has Ava purchase the required materials from Talia (Carol Kane), who warns Ava that spells like this leave their mark. The repossession of course goes sideways and after being re-exorcised Hazel is committed. At her next group therapy, Tony notices a mark on Ava’s neck left by the spell she cast to get Hazel re-possessed. The mark has the side effect of weakening her spiritually, making it easier for her be repossessed and in violation of the rules Tony expels her from the group…

I like all the characters in this film, with Louisa Krause doing an exemplary job. She manages to hit the right tone with Ava to ride the films fine line between horror and dark comedy. Which lets face it, is the best kind of comedy. But she’s not the only actor that delivers a noteworthy performance. Wass Stevens and Dan Fogler were both very like-able and believable characters. I enjoyed Stevens hard but fair performance as Tony and Fogler is just amazing.

I really found myself invested in Ava’s journey of discovery. Opening with her exorcism and having her retain no memories from it helped a lot with that. As we the viewing audience learn of her actions under possession as she does and we get to share in her revulsion.

It’s not all roses as the twist is pretty lame and Ava’s family feels under utilized. Which is odd given the twist. Also Ava feels a slow on the uptake at times as she has to be told what happened. Rather than her piece it all together herself. Which is what I would have preferred for the character.

Final thoughts, I really like this film. Is it perfect? No, but my complaints are minimal and mostly superfluous. So the Pros most certainly outweigh the Cons. Ava’s Possession’s is defiantly a film that I would recommend as it feels very fresh to me and I love films that approach old ideas in very new ways. 9/10


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