b590331ea22725d78a3f7931c05bd76f (1)I want to like Visions. I really do. It has some fairly good acting, along with some recognizable faces. It has a creepy backdrop with some great atmosphere at times. I like that it plays like a haunting, but manages to keep you guessing. The ending though forces an existential problem with me that exonerates the villains for me. I’ll get into that later. The other is the ending overall falls flat for me. Which is even more upsetting because I just about loved everything up until that point.

Visions opens with a Eveleigh (Isla Fisher) regaining consciousness a hospital with her husband David (Anson Mount) over her. She quickly recalls a car accident she was just in that resulted in the death of a child in the other vehicle.  A year later, Eveleigh and David have just bought a small vineyard in California and are expecting their first child. Eveleigh starts to experience nightmares and visions, she also starts attending a prenatal yoga class where she meets Sadie (Gillian Jacobs). The two become fast friends and bond over shared pregnancy. Eveleigh’s visions intensify to the point of becoming hallucinations, eventually in an ultimatum from David that she go see a doctor. Which she does, Dr. Mathison (Jim Parsons) who thinks she may be suffering from lingering effects of PTSD from the accident and tries to get her back onto medication. Which she won’t due to the effects it could have on the baby. After the visions intensify again, causing Eveleigh to relent and go on to medication. After which the visions abate. A few months later she reconnects with Sadie, who convinces her to stop her medication. Which causes the visions to return in full force. After reaching out to the vineyards previous owners which leads her to Helena (Joanna Cassidy), who also sensitive to supernatural stuff. She tells Eveleigh that some actions committed are so evil they stain the land and ripple through time. The two women then share a vision that leads to Helena having a heart attack. As she passes she tells Eveleigh that it’s not what she thinks…

I really enjoy the build up. It’s probably the best thing about this film and there’s a lot about this film I like. The acting like I stated is top-notch. Isla Fisher does a pretty solid job and sells me on her being an expectant mother. I also really like Jim Parsons and Eva Longoria, whose characters are used so seldom they’re basically cameos.

But I have issues with this film and air them, I need to warn of SPOILERS. An act so evil that it stains the land. I can really get behind that idea for a horror film. But the act needs to be heinous. Had the bad guys won, now that would have stained some land. But the level of heinous this film delivers is actually very mild. Six deaths? Two being the “Bad guys” doesn’t come across that heinous. Even if they’re trying to steal a baby. Not in a world where mass shootings are so common that they’re no longer being covered.

My other issue is that the characters in the films ancestors experienced visions. So the evil isn’t bound by time. I buy that. But my issue is since people were experiencing the visions a hundred years ago. Did Sadie and her husband really have a choice? Because from the outside you claim they had no free will. So lacking the will to choose their actions are they even responsible for them?

Anyway end of Spoilers.

Final thoughts, Overall I really like Visions. But the ending doesn’t feel like it committed. That somewhere it lost its drive and became just more standard fare. The performances are enjoyable and more often than not believable. Lastly I do like how it plays like a standard haunting, but shifts in such a way to shuck the bounds of the sub-genre, mostly. 7/10


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