Killer Mermaid

91BKhDN7ssL._SL1500_I actually like this movie and have no clue why Killer Mermaid, aka Nymph, Aka Mamula is so lowly rated. It’s a B-Movie that’s basically a slasher with a killer mermaid thrown in the mix making it a creature feature. I’ve had my eye on this film for a couple of months, but that low rating kept me away. Something I now regret. While the plot is very straight forward and about as generic as you can get at times. It stays fun and easy to watch. Which are the films I honestly prefer, being a bit of a philistine.

Killer Mermaid opens with the generic naughty teenagers parking by the water. When the man gets entranced walking into the sea. Where he gets drowned by something lurking beneath the waves. The girl is killed by an unknown assailant with a giant three-pronged hook. We are then transitioned to Kelly (Kristina Klebe) and her friend Lucy (Natalie Burn), who are on vacation in Montenegro to visit their old friend from college Alex (Slobodan Stefanovic). Lucy is also hoping to rekindle her’s and Alex’s old relationship. A hope that seems dashed upon arrival when Alex introduces them to his fiance Yasmin (Sofija Rajovic). Not being an idiot Yasmin picks up on the sexual tension and calls them out on it over dinner. But the two insist that they were only friends and the night shifts to more of party atmosphere. After Yasmin throws up and retires for the evening and Kelly leaves for a walk, Alex and Lucy do rekindle their old relationship. The next day is a tour of the area, including an abandoned submarine tunnel, where while swimming the group meets Boban (Dragan Micanovic). A old friend of Yasmin, who she invites to dinner. At dinner they plan the days activities, when it gets suggested they explore the abandoned island that used to be an old prison. While planning they’re interrupted by Sergej (Janko Cekic), to stay away from the island. As it’s drenched in blood and blood attracts blood. Of course they still go and while exploring the island they witness a man (Miodrag Krstovic) pour blood and limbs down a well. After he leaves Boban convinces Kelly to take photos of the inside of well with her phone for evidence. Something she reluctantly does, which doesn’t reveal gore at the bottom, but a woman (Zorana Kostic Obradovic). But the sound of gunfire pulls the group’s attention from the phone before Kelly and show the image. When they return to the boat, they find it destroyed. Leaving them trapped on an island with a mad man…

Loving Slashers made if very easy for me to get into this film. As it’s very close the to Known sub-type and the only thing I could argue against this film being a slasher is the mermaid. Who is actually the best part of Killer Mermaid. Well, actually her and her protector, because for a character that never speaks Zorana Kostic Obradovic really nails her performance. As I get that this monster does love, which makes it far more real and sympathetic. Which it turn makes it a bit more terrifying.

But the main cast’s characters are paper-thin. Which when coupled with bad the acting makes the film a bit of a slog in places. But the wonderful dread location and the lore laid down around the island with its dark history creates an atmosphere that more than makes up for it. Once you get there about thirty minutes into the film.

The gore effects are well down when they get used. Which is understandably sparingly. So when they do break them out, it feels like they did so right. Except for one or two iffy CGI effects, the effects are far better than I was expecting going in.

My only real issue with this film is the character of Kelly, who is useless. Which is even worse as she Final Girl. A position usually given to the brave, intelligent and cunning. Get tossed onto a character that doesn’t do a single thing to protect herself until the last few moments of the film when everyone who has been doing things for her have died. I cannot express the level of frustration I feel for this character.

Final thoughts, like I said I liked it. Flaws aside it’s entertaining if you go in with somewhat low expectations and allow yourself to be surprised. Killer Mermaid is a great way to kill an evening if cheap B-Movies with a slasher ting is your thing. It’s certainly mine. 7.5/10


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