OMBC – Forever Odd

ForeverOddI like it this book, but I don’t love it. Forever Odd is a good addition to the series. Well, at least as far as I can tell so far. Odd is further developed and explored, but at the expense of the side characters established in Odd Thomas. Which really is a shame due to Odd Thomas having a fair number of really good supporting characters. I also enjoyed the setting shift, getting Odd away from Pico Mundo and into the surrounding area. Sort of, the burned out casino is a really great dread location and functions well here.

Overall I have to say Forever Odd is worth the read… if you’ve read the first novel. Or to a much lesser extent seen the movie, as the film is a pretty good adaptation.

That’s my thoughts on Forever Odd By Dean Koontz. I hope to see you next time when I talk about Happy Homes and Haunting by Molly Harper and until then. Keep reading.



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