deathgasmWhile I was hoping for more from DEATHGASM, it certainly didn’t disappoint. I found it to be the be that solid blend of horror and comedy that I truly love. Unfortunately it wasn’t good enough that I can claim that I completely loved it. As the stereotypes that the film prescribes to wear thin quickly. While I can’t claim to be a Metal Head, I do love the genre and I wish that the music would have played a more focal role in the film, which is weird given that Metal music literally raises hell in Deathgasm.

Deathgasm opens with the lead character Brodie (Milo Cawthorne) being sent to live with his Uncle Albert (Colin Moy), Aunt Mary (Jodie Rimmer) and cousin David (Nick Hoskins-Smith), who are deeply religious after his mother tries to perform oral on a mall Santa… in front of the croweded mall and is sent to a mental institution. Things are rough for Brodie in the his new town, but manages to make some friends while he’s not being bullied. The first friends he makes are Dion (Sam Berkley) and Giles (Daniel Cresswell), who’s defining attributes seem to be that they are social outcasts that play D&D. Brodie also falls for the schools resident hot girl, Medina (Kimberley Crossman), who happens to be dating David. Though things start looking up when he meets fellow Metal Head Zakk (Jame Blake) and the two form a fast friendship. One day the pair break into the house of an aging Metal star Rikki Daggers (Stephen Ure) who’s been living as a recluse for years in an attempt to steal a rare album. They’re able to find the album, though in the sleeping clutches of Rikki Daggers. After getting caught, Daggers lets the pair go with the album and order by Daggers to protect when a cultist arrives to take the album. Brodie and Zakk manage to escape with the album before Daggers is killed by the cultist. When the pair arrives back to the garage where they play in their band DEATHGASM with Dion and Giles, they discover that the album is missing and instead find a Rick Astley record, along with the music sheets for the Black Hymn. Which they decided to learn for their band. Though playing the music has some unfortunate consequences for the town as raising demons often does…

So before I start laying into DEATHGASM, I want to make it clear that overall I like this movie. Not as much as could have or maybe even should have, but at the end of the day DEATHGASM gets a serious thumbs up. It has fun acting, great gore effects once it starts going and the humor is a good blend of fart jokes and black comedy. DEATHGASM hits a real solid blend of the things I like in Horror/Comedies, but does fall into the trap of being more comedy than horror.

Now for my gripes, first and foremost is the characters Dion and Giles. As an avid thrower of oddly shaped dice, killer of orcs and looter of forgotten treasures, it always grinds my gears when I see these kinds of characters. Dion and Giles serve no purpose other than to make the Brodie look good in comparison and are portrayed and both stupid and weak. Dion uses a pair of Hulk hands to fight of the demon possessed towns folk and Giles shoots dice out of a paintball gun. I found these characters more insulting than anything else and are more unrealistic than the demons they fight.

My next gripe is that there are a number of small plot holes and continuity errors that really bug me as these should have all been easily noticed. This includes character’s clothing changing from shot to shot, chainsaws being on and off throughout fight scenes at what seems like random and Dion not mentioning he can read Latin. But my biggest is that Brodie at the end of the film lacks any scars even after being gored by a demon. The more films I watch, the more these sorts of things bother me, as they read like laziness on someone’s part.

But that’s kind of it for my gripes. But as I said I wish the music had been a stronger focus as none of it ever stood out to me. Enhancing the film in such a way where the music becomes part of the story. A few names get dropped, but the Metal never stands a forefront as it should.

Final thoughts, I really like it. But DEATHGASM has a handful of flaws, I have a hard time getting past. Though after learning that Iron Maidens “Live After Death” is supposed to sync up to this film while muted, in the same vein as Wizard of Oz and Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” alone has me coming back for seconds. 7.5/10


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