OMBC – Brother Odd

BrotherOddAnother second Wednesday, another book review. This time around it’s Brother Odd by Dean Koontz the third novel in the Odd Thomas Series and I have to say, I was rather underwhelmed. Most of my issues with this novel come from the threats, the adversarys that Odd Thomas faces. Which just don’t fit well into the Odd Thomas world and mythos… well in my opinion as a reader. Dean Koontz is bound to have a very different opinion.

Not that it’s all bad, there are number of like-able side characters and a handful of really fun scenes. But none that I would call suspenseful or scary. Even when Brother Odd tries and sometimes Brother Odd really tries.


Well, that’s all for my views on Brother Odd, and even though Brother Odd is by far the worst Odd Thomas novel I’ve read so far. Though, I have only read three… I will read more though. So Brother Odd by no means detoured me. Anyway, next time I’ll be reading The Lords of Salem by Rob Zombie and admittedly I’m a bigger fan of his music than his movies. So, let’s see how this goes.


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