Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever

Cabin_Fever_2Sorry for the late post, have a lot on my plate. New job, among other things so hit publish simply slipped my mind yesterday.

Well, let’s just get this in the open. I liked Cabin Fever 2 way more than its predecessor. Cabin Fever 2 brings a high level of camp and slapstick that the series most certainly needed, a trend that I hope continues with the next in the series. I enjoyed the characters more as well as the crude humor that really carries the film. Though the acting did take a step down, while somehow the writing took a step up. Though there are a few changes that did bug me, mainly the step down in the gore effects and how the flesh-eating virus now manifests at a faster rate.

Cabin Fever 2 picks up right where the first left off, with Paul laying face down in a creek. Though he manages to get himself up and stumble to a road in search for help. Where he gets his by a bus full of kids on their way to school. Deputy Winston (Giuseppe Andrews) responds and tells the bus driver, he hit a moose. Rather than an infected human and sends them on their way. As it turns out the creek that Deputy Winston left Paul to die in, is the same creek used by Down Home bottled water company and a large batch of the infected water has been delivered to the local high school. At the high school John (Noah Segan) is being talked into asking his longtime crush Cassie (Alexi Wasser) to the prom by his close friend Alex (Rusty Kelley). A plan that he quickly puts on the back burner after being beaten by Cassie’s ex Marc (Marc Senter) threatens him.  Alex who’s reluctant to go, changes his mind after a sexual encounter with Liz (Regan Deal) while she sports signs of the infection, unbeknownst to Alex and the pair make a loose agreement to meet up at prom. If Liz can find someone to cover her shift at her job. At a restaurant Deputy Winston watches an employee from the Down Home Bottled Water company die of the infection and realizes what’s going on and rushes out. After walking Cassie home after school John finds the courage to ask her, but she declines. Though now having a date Alex begs John to come to the prom… a prom rife with infection.

Like I said the campy B-Movie nature of this film is what really sells it for me. It’s straight up hilarious at times and never takes itself to seriously. Which normally can spell death for a horror film, but here the filmmakers really managed to balance the camp and horror effectively. With some genuinely gruesome moments, coupled with some of the best one-liners I’ve heard in a while.

The acting, though does leave a lot to be desired. This is mostly around the high school kids, who none of which look young enough to be in high school. Though the groan worthy acting does extend to the few adults with the exception of Giuseppe Andrews, who is the best part of this film.

The gore is also less enjoyable and times are pretty laughable. Though I have the strong suspicion that was the point all the long. Where Cabin Fever had some very grisly scenes, here the decaying and rotting flesh feels more played for laughs than any real horror.

Final thoughts? It’s great, OK maybe not great. But most certainly better than Cabin Fever one, which honestly wasn’t hard to do. The characters are more like-able and hell even more realistic than the characters from the first film. Coupled with the humor, which works far better and setting in a school to increase the body count. I couldn’t be happier. 7/10


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